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Runners' Lounge Book Project wants you!

Do I have to find an editor so I sound like I passed kindergarten?

The trick will be limiting myself to 600 words…

I really want to contribute an article, but sometimes have trouble getting my thoughts into words…

I hope that you will find it suitable to use…

Not sure this is what you’re looking for...

Book project Widget These are some of the comments and questions we’re getting related to the Runners’ Lounge Book Project, and we want to relieve some stress about the project. For those who haven't published there might be some writer's block, but don't let that interfere with your passion and message.

Like getting started running, our best advice is sit down to write and have fun with it.

One article contributor said it best when she advised just keeping it simple and just try to answer the original questions as if in a conversation.  The original question for the article goes like this:

You’re in a conversation and you just caught someone’s attention by mentioning you’re a runner.  They’re interested in running but you only have a few minutes to tell them what you know.

What would you advise them about what consistently predictably works for your running?


If you could tell them what you know now that you wished you known then about running, what would it be?

The project is shaping up and landing in good hands every day.  We’re pleased to announce that Kristina Pinto has joined the Advisory Team, heading up the editing function of the articles.  Kristina, also known as The Marathon Mama, is a professional writer and editor.  Obviously she’s also a mom with a four-year old, and she just crossed the finish line yesterday at the P.F. Chang’s Rock N Roll Marathon.  Congratulations, Kristina, on your marathon, and thank you for spearheading the editing function!

Also, Mega Thanks to the many runners who have offered further assistance, such as editing, graphic design, PR, etc.  Our goal is to use every ounce of talent, so you’ll be hearing from one of us very soon so we can exploit—ahem, involve you—in this great project.

For now, keep spreading the word about the project!  If you know someone in your running group, your local club, or a blogger who impresses you, please pass the word along them. Please share the information about the project or link to the forum, or even add this widget (shown above) to your sidebar or profile. 

There's lots more happening in the Lounge, including a new feature called Running Teams.  Please check them out.


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I'm busy but willing to offer some help. I'm a Marketing Director, technical writer, photog and all 'round advertising guru of sorts.

Super idea.

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