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FREE Stuff Giveaway: Runner's Pulse Nutrition Supplement

Last week produced the beginning of some helpful tips to getting through the holiday season.

So check out Running Through the Holidays, and we invite you to continue sharing your wisdom and leave some advice on dealing with those times when the holidays make it hard to find time to run, eat right and stay on course.

The winner of last week's giveaway, a sterling silver key ring from Masters of Design, is Milano Runner.  It’s a very stylish, eye-catching piece.

Thank you to Gloria and the artisans at Masters of Design for the creative ways you help runners express both our passions and what we’ve accomplished.

Runners_pulse This week's Giveaway Partner: Runners’ Pulse

The creators of RUNNER’S PULSE are passionate about running and good health.  So they are working hard to help athletes perform at their peak and to teach and inspire all people to change their lives through exercise and nutrition.

Specifically, Runner's Pulse is helping runners with its unique supplement formula known as RPM, which improves and maintains the body’s energy, endurance, and health while we run. Runner's Pulse is designed to

  • Prolong energy, increases oxygen utilization, and improves aerobic capacity (VO2 Max)
  • Improve our endurance by reducing lactic acid and fatigue and enhancing our body’s ability to adapt to increased levels of physical stress.
  • Enhance our immune functions, speed workout recovery, and keeps our joints healthy and active

Runner's Pulse is giving away a 30-day supply of its RPM formula.  Their experts tell us the RPM formula will provide immediate, noticeable results to enhance the quality of running and the overall health of runners.  I'm getting started with RPM myself.

To be eligible to win, just contribute your advice this week.  All Loungers who contribute to the Giveaway Question between November 17 -22 will be eligible to win.  Runners’ Lounge will select and announce the winner on November 24th.

This week's Giveaway Question:

What gifts do runners really want?

Our friends and family tell us we are hard to shop for. They tell us they can find something for everyone but us. Let's help them out this year and tell them just how easy it is to shop for runners. We don't need alot. But we always need running stuff. Share your ideas of what runners really want and need for those gift giving occassions. Share your wish list.

The forum runs November 17-22.  Your response can be as short as a sentence and as long as a blog post or story. Leave your response today to become eligible!

So do yourself a favor: Go to the Lounge and leave your ideas today in the forum to become eligible!


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