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FREE Stuff Giveaway: Cards for Runners by Banana Blossom Press

Thanks to everyone for contributing the great music suggestions last week.  These amounted to more than just a dump of song titles.  Some of you teed up a few tunes that carried Amy through some tough patches at yesterday’s Des Moines Half Marathon.

The article Great Music, Podcasts, and Books for Your Run is now in the Know How section, under Shoes, Gear and Equipment in the Topic of Music and Podcasts.

The winners selected from those who contributed are Brook and Lacey Nicole, who each won a t-shirt from One More Mile.  Thank you to Joe and Aubrey and the gang at One More Mile who work very hard to carry those fun, I-want-that-shirt kind of apparel.   

This week's FREE Stuff Giveaway Partner: Banana Blossom Press!

Banana_blossom_scaled_image_3 We’ve come across a gem of a new resource for runners called Banana Blossom Press, which makes unique cards for runners.  The cards are “uncomplicated” and marked by text only in brief, powerful messages for runners.  These are not sappy cards, but expressions of sincere  inspiration, appreciation, and support.  The team of Maria and Laura at Banana Blossom Press has thought of insightful, humorous, and sassy cards for the countless milestones and situations that we face every day in our running.  Some sample expression:

Every mile has a story…I want to hear yours…congratulations on finishing

Hills..tempo…fartlek…how’s your training going?

Killer calves…looking great

Up at 5:30 a.m….aching muscles, miles in the rain...
I don’t get it, but i admire your dedication.  Run on.

Reasons to run #13, Tiramisu

To share these great expressions, Banana Blossom Press is giving away a boxed set of cards and a t-shirt with the same images and text that inspire its runners.

Since Runners’ Lounge is dedicated to sharing useful resources, simply contribute advice or a tip this week. Your advice can be something you have tried, learned along the way, something you have read, a link to a great post (yours or someone else’s), or a link to others’ advice on another running site.

All Loungers who contribute to the Giveaway Question between October 20th and October 25th will be eligible to win.

Runners’ Lounge will select and announce the one winner on October 27th.

This week's Giveaway Question:

This week is wide open!  Just drop off some useful advice, a tip, or a link to a great post or resource anywhere in the Know How section. 

Go to the Build, Use, Share Running Resources tab and click on Articles and Tips. Once there, choose from 32 categories/topics to leave a piece of advice. Categories range from Basics of Running and Getting Started to Training to Racing to Staying Motivated and Healthy.

Your response can be as short as a sentence and as long as a blog post or story. Leave your response today to become eligible! Feel free to drop back here and tell us about your tip.

So do yourself a favor: Go to the Lounge and leave your tip today in the forum to become eligible!  Runners’ Lounge will compile all the responses in a combined article for all Loungers to enjoy.


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Yay!!! Thank you! I also really enjoyed reading everyone's song contributions and found some new favorites and forgotten favorites :)

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