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If I Only Had This Super Power...

When Runatthemouth suggested we share our dream super power for Take It and Run Thursday - I was stumped.  There are so many things I don't have with my running - super speed, super endurance, super strength....a long list rambled in my mind.   How would I pick only one?

But then, inspiration struck!  My photos from the Des Moines Half Marathon arrived in my Img_0785 email.  And then in mail.  Staring back at me was the picture of a red faced, sweaty, mom runner who didn't nearly look like the Runners World cover pose that I tried to strike in front of the marathon photo evil photographers.

It then became obvious.   My super power and identify would be....  Super Spandex.   I would have the power to transform from a regular mom runner in conservative running pants and running shirts to .... tra la la... Super Spandex!  A "cover model" like runner who could make even spandex look good!   My power would be held in my snazzy spandex outfit.   And when I put it on....

Gone would be the flabby middle to be covered up with long running shirts.  Wisked away would be less than lean legs and character building dimples.   Kaboom would go the under arm flapping.   Woosh would go the extra chin.   Zip would go the extra layer of warmth protection on my back side.

In in the place of my everyday runner body would be come to-die-for-6 pack abs, tear Paula_r dropped shaped quads, long and lean arms, and a hard as nails butt.   

Oh yes, my transformation from average Amy runner to Super Spandex would allow me to now look like even Paula even when I still ran like average Amy.   

Ahhhh...it's such a nice dream.

We are looking forward to hearing about your running super powers tomorrow in Take It and Run Thursday.

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Ohh I think that's a great super power! I wish I had that one too!


I would love that power too! And maybe a cloak of youth : )
Keep on running!


hahahaha... I love it.




YES! i would love some super spandex, too... and the killer confidence that goes with it!!! :)

Marathon Maritza

Oh man, I DREAM of the runner's six-pack and runner's legs too!!

Shoe Running

Ha ha! I love that idea :) I've always wished I was more photogenic, being more photogenic in spandex is a total bonus :)


That is one super power I could use.
does the super spandex come with super lipo suction?

Database Diva

I wonder if we hang around with Captain Get Your Butt Out The Door long enough if we might get the Super Spandex power? Yeah, I didn't think so. But I swear I do have this power until the alarm goes off!

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Jerry Stevens

That'd be a pretty awesome power. Transportation would be better, though, lol.

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