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A Super Hero for Runners

Super_hero_starter_kit The doorbell rings.  Decked in costumes, they step into the house.  I hand out those evil mini candy bars.  And one kid—in tights and with metallic lightening bolts on his chest and legs—darts away before the rest of the kids. 

“That kids in a hurry,” I mention.  “By the way,” I ask, “who’s he dressed as?”

“Oh, he’s Captain Get-Your-Butt-Out-the-Door, super hero to morning runners,”  they explain.

Sigh.  I remember when I had those super powers. 

Able to spring out of bed in a single bound!

More powerful than the seduction of the snooze button!

Champion of getting your butt out the door on cold mornings!

Yes, for most of my life I was able to get myself out the door every morning for my run.  Not just make it out the door, but bounding with enthusiasm before my feet hit the ground. Even a poor run was not enough to keep me from getting up and out the next day.

Lately, since my marathon, I've caved in to eek out every last second under the covers. Instead of bolting out of bed, I throw out excuse after excuse until one sticks.

I can run over your lunch hour...

I think there is some tendonitis developing...

Don’t overdo it…

The experts say I should still be recovering…

Then I recoil back under the comforter and put off running once again.

Kid_flash_2 This has been my routine for the last few weeks, and now it feels like I  need superhuman powers just to get out the door.  What happened?  Where are the days when I wouldn't be denied my run?  When I owned the streets of my neighborhood at 5:00 a.m.?

Truthfully, it's getting better. This morning I enjoyed that sort of brisk, energy-fuelling early run that used to be routine.  Maybe I'm busting out of my slump.  Could those morning super hero runner powers be returning?  Maybe I'll soon be Captain Get-Your-Butt-Out-The Door!

And besides, that trick or treater who bolted out the door...what’s he got that I don’t have?   Oh yeah, that really cool costume.  Sigh.

Starter kit for super heros on Flickr by jasstep

Kid flash on Flickr by alexlousada


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Steve Stenzel

HA! I love it!!

Shoe Running

He he! I like that superpower! The most basic need we runners have is to just get a move on! :)


I really could use that power lately!


This guys is my super hero...the Amazing Hip - check him out: http://www.breakingthetape.com/blog/archives/2008/11/the-amazing-hip-1.html

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