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One of My Fav Runs: Sumerset Trail

Many years ago, when I first started running, I ran on country roads.   I preferred to step out my door and run so every step was on barely paved, quiet country roads.   So many first runs were determined by running telephone pole to telephone pole.   After many years and homes, I find that where we live has changed, but my preference for running on quiet, trail like settings hasn't.   

I find it peaceful and relaxing to simply follow a simple trail or country road versus navigating city streets or neighborhoods in the nearby town.   It's a mindless, scenic way to cover the miles.  Because of this passion, I have run on many of the trails in the Des Moines IA area.  I know many of them like the back of my hand.

It was hard to narrow down which trail to highlight for this week's Take It and Run Thursday theme about Favorite Runs.   But it was also obvious - the Sumerset Trail.   This trail is the one closest to my home and one that I run on, walk on, bike on or take the kids on at least a few times a week every week of the year.  Check out the map of the Sumerset Trail on MapMyRun.

View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.com

It's not only Img_0616the convenience of the location, but also the simple Iowa beauty Img_0615of its scenery and how versatile it is for my training.   I can go out for a quick few miles or capture a 28 mile bike ride and everything in between.    Between the trail heads you see native Iowa prairie, plentiful wetlands, thousands of acres of corn and bean fields, many rustic bridges, alot of wildlife, the shooting range, and a state park.   

The trail runs north to south so you have a warm southerly wind in the middle of the year. And the rest of the year, you run into a strong north headwind on the trip back home.   For six months of the year, I am never overheated for the return miles of the run.

The floods were hard on it this year.  Finally in August, the final Img_0612bridge was repaired, the trail  shoulders were leveled and the residual mud and grime are gone.   And as fall comes quickly, the leaves are already turning and falling.  Bike rides kick up a following of blowing leaves.   And soon it will be harvest season and a need for me to be more attentive at the many tractor crossings. 

And my favorite part for this time of the year, the sun hits it just right and makes my shadow look really thin.  :}  Love that!

I love forward to a trip down your favorite run or trail on Take It and Run Thursday.  And with your post, don't forget to map your run using MapMyRun - you can find a link on the Runners' Lounge home page.

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xgravity23 (Linden)

Ooh, this is great! I'm really looking forward to next week's Take It and Run post. I think I might take my camera on my 20 miler tomorrow... that'll be good distraction, right? :)


This is the one we did, isn't it??? It's one of my all time favorite runs.

Funny, I was just thinking, wow, her shadow looks awesome, mine always looks like a bowling pin. IMPRESSIVE !!


That seems like a great trail!

Your shadow pic is too funny.

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This is the one we did, isn't it??? It's one of my all time favorite runs.

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