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It’s Monday, so it must be time to announce winners of the Runners’ Lounge Giveaway.

Thank you to those who contributed another great collection of idea—this week about your tips, tricks, and advice for pre-race preparation. All your ideas are now compiled in an article you've helped create for others to enjoy in the Know-How Section under the Race Distances section.

This week’s winners are:

A Men's picture frame—Jason at RecastInIron

Women's frame—Penny at Running Ragged

A small wardrobe of running shirts—RunJess - who really needed a new shirt!

A very cool collection of running hats—JoyRuN—who just yesterday completed the Philadelphia Distance Run.  Congratulations!

This merchandise is made possible by our friend Joe and his team at Runolution. The Runolution Cafe provides unique, classy gifts for runners, including picture frames, medallion display cases, greeting cards, blankets, pillows, and of course some great technical running apparel.  We encourage you to check out Runolution for more ideas to celebrate and preserve the memories of your running.  Thank you, Joe!

Race_ready_scaled_3_3 Our next FREE STUFF Giveaway Partner: Race Ready!

More than just an apparel retailer, Race Ready has been has been supporting runners on training runs and race days for fifteen years.  Their signature product are shorts with built-in mini mesh pockets.  If you’ve fussed with carrying, pinning your sport gels and small items, you can appreciate the convenience of shorts designed to hold your stuff. 

Mens_ld_shorts_2 Manufactured with Coolmax material, Race Ready shorts offer four smaller compartments ideal for gels, energy foods, inhalers, IPods, cell phones, and other small items.  Plus one wide compartment for running gloves, sweat rag, sunglasses, or empty gel wrappers.  All that plus built with a double-mesh design to hug pocket items and reduce bounce, and you've got shorts that are truly race-ready.

Behind Race Ready are two wonderful running enthusiasts, Gerry Hans and his wife, Mary Button.  Mary is a sub-elite marathoner who has twice qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials, including for her second time at age 40.  Workout_singlet Mary answers questions for runners about training, racing and everything running on their Race Ready web site. Gerry and Mary are personally behind their runners.  No order goes out the door without a hand-written note and signature from them.  What a nice touch!

This week, Race Ready is generously giving away a pair of shorts from their LD (Long Distance) line—and a workout singlet.

Everyone can become eligible to win

Since Runners’ Lounge is dedicated to sharing useful resources, simply contribute advice or a tip to the Giveaway Question. Your advice can be something you have tried, learned along the way, something you have read, a link to a great post (yours or someone else’s), or a link to others’ advice on another running site.

This week's Giveaway Question:

What advice, tips and cheers do you have for your friends and family who support you as spectators?

All Loungers who contribute to the Giveaway Question from September 22 - Oct 4 will be eligible to win this Race Ready giveaway merchandise. Runners’ Lounge will select and announce the winner on October 6th.

So do yourself a favor: Go to the Lounge and leave your tip today in the forum to become eligible!

Even if you don’t win Race Ready gear, you will be a winner in the Lounge.  Runners’ Lounge will compile all the responses in a combined article for all Loungers to enjoy.


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So excited about the hats - THANK YOU!

PS - I wore the race ready shorts for yesterday's PDR, & they were great. Comfy, & the pockets were super handy.


More Cowbell!


Thanks Amy and Tom!

Runnin' Ragged

Thank you so much. I looking forward to the frame. :)


Thanks for the picture frame :)

I can't wait to put a cool picture in it!!!

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