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Meeting an Impressive Blogging Running Friend

Razzdoodle_2 The running trails of West Des Moines welcomed Matt or Razzdoodle on Sunday morning. 

Matt was in town from Omaha for a family visit and golf tournament, so we got together for a 12 miler Sunday morning.   We’d never met before, but knowing each other through our blogs and Runners’ Lounge profiles had us running and chatting instantly.  We talked about his current running, his blog Running Off At the Mind speed work, compared running in our communities, and generally how runners form such a tight-knit, supportive community.

So how long does it take experienced runners to make a textbook mistake on a run together?  Just a few miles.  For some reason we passed up drinking at a fountain at the four mile point along the trail.  Well by mid point we were regretting it and for the later miles, we were dragging.

Matt’s a heck of a guy.  A husband, dad, teacher and coach, recently he completed his first half marathon.  Now he’s sorting through his decision of whether to try the full marathon distance this fall at the Des Moines MarathonIt’s not a matter of if to run a marathon, but when, based on his schedule and training.  Besides his teaching career, he operates his own business too.  I chucked when he explained that his family is growing used to getting him running gear for birthday and Christmas gifts.  He’s lean, has an easy stride, and right on schedule with his long runs if he decides to go for it.

Leave it to two men to forget cameras to capture the run together.  Not much to see except two sweaty guys stretching, dripping, and putting away a few bottles of Gatorade after our run.

Later in the afternoon, while I was painting in the cool of my basement, Matt was shooting 18 holes of golf with his family in temps with a heat index of 112 degrees. 

Matt, if you can run 12 miles on a hellish August morning, with no water, tolerate me, and then play golf for three hours in raging heat, you can run a marathon!

Thanks for a great run, Razz!


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Sounds like you guys had a great run...glad it wasn't me in those temps haha!

Laurel aka Lily

Too much fun! Glad you two had a great time and WHAT, no camera!!! So, what goes on in Des Moines, stays in Des Moines????

Come on fess up....

Seriously, Razzdoodle, you'll be able to run the marathon! Go for it.


Aww, so jealous. Would loved to have run but knew I was no match. Glad you got together!

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