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Open Mic Friday: Pieces of Me

Open_mic_friday We are quite honored to have Pieces of Me with us today!  We have enjoyed Pieces blog for over a year and feel lucky to have found her with a few minutes to answer some of our questions.   She has been an active member of the Lounge, first starting the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge Lounge Group and now leading the Portland Marathon Lounge Group as she trains for the Portland Marathon.

Why did you start running?
I have only been running for a little over 2 years. When I turned 30, I was overweight and miserable.  I had a little nervous breakdown and realized I had to make a change.  I started to think about food differently and then started to eat differently.  I was losing 2 lbs a week within the first month.  Shortly, I realized I need to kick up my exercise to take it to next level.  I was always a “walker” so I just added in some running in between my walks.  My girlfriend asked me to do a 5k with her. I thought “there is no way I can run 3 miles.”  But slowly I increased my distances and I did it.  After that race, I was hooked. Of course I jumped right to a 10k the next month and a half marathon 3 months later.  That’s when another good friend thought I should train for a marathon. Running started out as a way to lose weight, it’s become so much more though. 

What is your running dream?
I dream that I’m at a race and this tall, dark and handsome runner approaches.  We hit it off and …
Oh wait, that’s not what you meant, is it?

I know you have just recently sworn off talking about men on your blog, but have you found if running and dating mix?
I know this disappointed a few people – reading about dating is probably more fun than running sometimes. And trust me; I would LOVE to spill more details if my picture wasn’t plastered on my blog. I am an open book (or should I say blog) and can’t keep my mouth shut for too long. I’m sure dating bits and pieces will spill into the blog before you know it.   I have never dated a runner and think it would be fun to try.  Maybe I’ll meet someone at my next race. I will blog about it if I do.  One thing I know for sure - my running life is much more consistent than my dating life! 

When you aren't running or working, what are some of your favorite other activities?
I am blessed to live by the beach so just being outside is fun.  BBQs with friends, traveling, fancy schmancy dinners, nights in with DVDs and I’m getting pretty good at Texas Hold’em. 

What's one thing about you we don't know about you that you would like to share with the Lounge?
I’m pretty sure my blog readers know more about me than most of my family and friends. 

Last year this time you were pushing yourself and others to lose those final pounds over the holidays.  What's worked and hasn’t worked for you?
I don’t know how those lbs snuck up on me so quickly. I guess was in a fat and happy mode.  I always say losing weight is the easiest hard thing to do.  Easy in theory, hard in implementation.    In the past, I tried everything to lose weight.   These things DID NOT work – diet pills, fad diets and diet drinks –anything with the word “diet” in it.  What works for me is to go back to the basics.  The basics are eating simple and clean, cutting calories and increasing exercise.Pom

Any favorite gear?
I love my Brooks Elements running shorts. I just went online and bought 3 of the same pair. 

What has been your proudest running accomplishment?
The quick and easy answer would be my first marathon (last October).  But I know my second marathon (this October) will be much better! Honestly though, it’s not necessarily that actual marathon that I am proud of.  It’s the training and the dedication that it took to get me to the marathon.  I went from planning my weekends around dancing and booze to planning them around running and being healthy. What a difference a couple years can make. 

What is the most important thing you have learned about running?
I’ve learned that everyday is different.  Like life in general, some days the challenges are physical, some days they are mental.  But you always make it through and usually feel happy when you’re done.

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Tell us your cross training - what works best for you?
Cross training is my variable.  I go through phases of what I like to do. I used to be really into spinning.  Now I’m obsessed with Bikram Yoga.  I think Bikram is a great cross train because it stretches and strengthens. Plus you get your heart rate pumping in some of the “asanas.”  It’s hard core and relaxing at the same time. 


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WOOHOO!!! p.o.m. is an amazing runner and friend! She runs on the boardwalk just like me, except she logs in many more miles!! Great to see her interview here!!!

Love ya p.o.m.!



Great interview with P.O.M.! She is a great inspiration to this newbie runner and loyal POM blog reader.


I'm so excited to see POM's interview! I am now inspired to buy some new shorts to celebrate my return to running in a week and a half!


Great interview, POM!

lilrunner25 (n.d.)

It is awesome to read more about P.O.M. - totally enjoy reading her blog, it is so entertaining and inspires a healthy lifestyle!


Hooray for P.O.M!! Nice to hear the backstory...


A star is born.......


P.O.M. is one dedicated damsel! She is very inspirational, and she injects humor into all parts of her life. Great interview!!


Great interview. Always nice to here a bit more insight, especially someone that serves up motivation and inspiration with a twist of humor.


How fun! You have a lot to be proud of!

zombie mom

Great interview... POM is a total inspiration, great writer and a regular part of my daily reading. I also use her tips for my training.

Aunti J

Thats My girl, P.O.M. has inspired her 40 something Aunt get off her butt, Just ran my first, and Loved it, can wait for the LB 10k


The Bag Lady

Great interview, P.O.M.!

spicy latina

Yeah! My Gringa is a famous runner! Loved the interview!


POM you rock -- love your blog! Great interview!



I'm not a runner, but you and I, oddly, have the same running dream.

What a coincidence!!!!!

Come on tall dark handsome running man...show up already!!


Great interview. POM is usually the first blog I read each day. I love how she's willing to just shaer her life with us -- whether it's running or whatever.


Love ya POM!


Her blog is a great mix of humour and inspiration.


POM is one cool cucumber!

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