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FREE STUFF! Giveaway: Finish Line Wine

We are really excited about the results of our first FREE STUFF! Giveaway! 

We had almost 60 LoRuntofinishungers contribute to the advice thread and provide over 100 pieces of advice.   We have compiled all the information and the article, Tips For Getting Through a Tough Run  is now posted in the Know How section under the category, Training>Building Endurance.

And our lucky winner of $50 of DryMax socks is RunToFinish.   Congratulations to RunToFinish!  And thank you to DryMax socks.   

And now, onto our next FREE STUFF! Giveaway!

Finish Line Wine is the sponsor of our next giveaway and will provide the winner with a Finish_line_wine_mainimage personalized fine wine they can save as a keepsake or use to celebrate their success with friends and family.   

Finish Line Wine was established by Peter Gower, an avid marathoner and previous wine industry executive and wine lover. After running his first dozen or so marathons and half marathons, and after speaking with many runners, he realized two things: there exists a very unique bond among marathoners and that most are very educated and driven people who like wine. Thus was founded the premise of Finish Line Wine…to offer marathoners a bottle of personalized fine wine that they can save as a keepsake of their first race or PR time or to share with friends and family.

Finish Line Wines offers bottles of 26.2 or 13.1 fine wine personalized with your name and finish time as well as the name and date of your marathon and race organization logo.  These wines will allow you to remember your awesome finish as well as to enjoy with your friends and family. The wines Peter selects are made for runners: balanced, intelligent, and full of life and character.

Tom and I have had the opportunity to toast the Lounge over a glass of the wine and agree with Peter's choice for wines!   It would be hard for a runner to make the decision whether to have the bottle be a keepsake if they know how enjoyable the wine is to drink.

Anyone can become eligible to win

Since Runners’ Lounge is dedicated to sharing useful resources, just contribute advice or a tip to the Giveaway Question. Your advice or tip can be something you have learned along the way, something you have read, a link to a great post (yours or someone else’s), or a link to others’ advice on another running site. 

All Loungers who contribute to the Giveaway Question between August 25 and September 6th will be eligible to win a personalized bottle of fine wine.  Runners’ Lounge will select and announce the winner on September 8th.

This week's Giveaway Question:

How do you celebrate and reward yourself for your running accomplishments?

Go to the Lounge and leave your tip today in the forum to become eligible!

Even if you don’t win this very special keepsake, you will be a winner in the Lounge.  Runners’ Lounge will compile all the responses in a combined article for all Loungers to enjoy.

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