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You are a runner...

You are a runner...when you crave running. 

I started running to get fit, lose weight, and get a better pair of legs.  But over the years, running evolved from just a physical activity to something I need just like air and water.

On a pretty regular basis, I find that even when my legs don't need a run my mind does.  I_am_a_runner_only_band Just  yesterday, my brain was plotting out a long, flat, easy course so my legs could take it on an hour of mindless running to work through questions at work and to do lists at home.   It seems like the wheels of my mind turn easier when my legs are also turning over during a good run.

And then on other days, when too many days have gone by without a run, I feel my legs just itch to get out there and move.   

When I tell someone I need to run, it usually isn't because I have a run on my training plan, but instead because I need to run to recharge, reorganize, relax and rejuvenate.   That is the reason I crave running and also the reason I know that I am definitely a runner.

Picture by me - The famous "I am a runner" bracelet from Runners Lounge.  Since the fall when we launched the Lounge, Tom and I have given away thousands of "I am a runner" bracelets to runners who proudly proclaim their runningness.   

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Oh man Amy I totally agree with you! It's even worse when you're laid up with an injury and both your legs and mind are itching for a run, but you can't do it. I think that's when you know you're a runner too. When more than anything you want to get better and get back out there.


This is so true, Amy. For me, it's even gotten to the point where other people recognize my need to go running. A couple days ago at work, I was really stressed out, and my friend Brad (also a runner) said, "Go home, go running tonight, and you'll be fine." Of course, he was right.


Great post Amy! when I took that week off I felt the itch for the first time. It was hard to ignore but better for me in the long run..hehhee get it long run?!

Laurel (Lily)

So true Amy, running is a great release while giving you the time to sort through emotional junk, it's a physical balance of well being and a rush at the same time.


Wonderful post, and very timely for me. I haven't run in 10 days because of plantar fasciitis and it's killing me!

How can I get one of those bracelets? Love them!


I can't sort anything out when I run. I can barely think about anything but making it through the run and maybe what my next post is going to be. (Like when Art was trying to get me to do math during that 10k - HA! yeah right!) I think I do it to escape and just be out there. Regardless, I crave it too.

I've been struggling through 2 and 3 milers with this heat, but we should get out there soon!


My wife and I run in the mornings. It gives us time together before the kids are up and I'm off to work. We both love the feeling of using up the body's energy and feeling exhausted. She can just keep going and going as she was a competitive runner in college. I'm athletic but have more recently gotten back into it with her. It is a good time to think, though for me I don't get much "done". My wife, on the other hand, can layout complex plans for the day, week, month, year including all possible contingencies. I too end up just trying to get through our 45 minutes.

Great post. Great question.


ITA with the craving Amy. It's a difficult feeling to describe-but you did it perfectly.


I had to give up my PR goals at this year's San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on June 1 because I had surgery on a fractured femur just two weeks before the event! The docs say I'll be running in about 6 months or so. I thought I was OK with not running (because I'm still recouping) but I became all emotional when I watched the replay of people running through the finish line because I wasn't one of them. I am seriously craving running. It was my "me" time, and I could pound out any problem or stress of the day on the pavement. Now I must patiently wait. I guess if there is any consolation is that the doc are telling me to get back at it when I can, and that makes me happy!

Ms. V

I run, because I can. At almost 50 years old.


Yeah, I'm getting to the point where I feel I need to run. I've been aggravated lately. I'm sure that has lots to do with it though.


Rock on! Great post. I'm right there with sorting things out on runs. I do a lot of that, too.

William carter

Hi Amy

This is such a great post because all too often we focus on the physical benefits of running and forget that there is a great(er??) mental benefit as well. I have been pretty stressed with work lately and running provides a great buffer such that by the time I get home, everything is right with the world and I can enjoy my family.

Although.. I certainly hear you on the "itchy" legs as mine get that way after a few hours of inactivity.

Best of luck with your summer running. Tom too.

Ben C


Are those bracelets for sale?


So true! I always feel so much more at peace/relaxed after a run. My daughter (5 yrs) will even suggest we go for a run when I'm frazzled. :D


I love those meditative runs too - clears the mind.

Running is good for us on so many different levels.


Hey Amy. Just wondering if you got my email re the bracelet for the Wee Little Virtual 5K. Thanks!

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