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Why I run...in 13 words

I_am_a_runner_shirt This week for Take It And Run Thursday, we invite everyone to complete the statement about why you are a runner…in 13 words or less.

It can be a variation on how you define yourself as a runner, when you recognized you became a runner or what it took to become a runner. 

The challenge—besides saying it in 13 words—is to express yourself without having to explain it further.  Let your statement speak for itself.  There are no wrong answers.

So here goes:

I’m healthiest, happiest, strongest, and enjoy the most meaningful life when I run.

We also hope you have fun and enjoy others’ views.

Running shirt on Flickr by Nordicteem


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Wow that's a great shirt!


Why am I having such a hard time holding back to 13..LOL!

Great one Tom.


Only running puts me in control of my body, mind, soul, and circumstances.


Running keeps me from having to watch the horribly pathetic New York Mets.

13 words!


Your quote - sums it up nicely!

Laurel (Lily)

I wake up at 5K and then want to just keep on going!


Wow- that was tough to sum up.

To prove that "cankles" and asthmatic lungs can still make a successful me.

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