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That's What The Lounge Is All About

This morning I received a note and pictures from Catherine and Mel that they proudly finished the Wee Little Virtual 5K.  It's special because they did it!  And then what gave me goosebumps all over, was noticing how proudly they displayed their "I am a runner" bracelets with the beautiful Capetown, South Africa shoreline in the background.


That moment was a high point for us and our work on the Lounge Runners' Lounge.  Just a year ago, the Lounge was a vaporlike dream still rolling around in Tom and my heads.  We know 1runners20lounge20logowe wanted a way to connect runners across the world but wondered if two ordinary runners could do it.   This one picture was confirmation that we can and we are.   I feel so lucky to know Catherine and Mel tried and succeeded!

My little hometown post office is in constant amazement of my daily mailings.  I have sent bracelets to almost every state in the U.S.A., but now regularly mail to South Africa, New Zeland, UK, Belguim, and Canada.  It feels good to keep connecting with more and more different runners.  It also reminds me that many geographic, cultural and time zones may make us different, but as runners, we share so much in common.

With the busiest time of the running season upon us, we hope you have found some time to connect with other runners in the Lounge.  There are some great Lounge Groups to check out including,

Or, if you are looking for a few good threads and forums, check out:

And outside of these discussions, don't forget to connect with runners.   The Search Profiles page give you 12 different ways to search and find runners.   I especially like the "Connect with Runners" categories.  If you haven't filled your out (via your profile), take a moment to do so.

It only takes seconds to reach out to a runner in the Lounge.  Do it today!


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I had no idea there was something for veg runners. I just joined today.

Andrew is getting fit

Wow, that's fantastic! I'm looking forward to my band arriving! I'll send you a photo! :)


I'm so happy for you guys. Your dream is being realized. How many people can say that?

We need to connect before I leave again, although I may have to run/walk :D I've been struggling since I got back.

Hugs to you both!!!

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