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Take It and Run Thursday: 5K and 10K tips

Take_it_and_run_thursday_2 Welcome to Take It and Run Thursday!

It's our way to bring together the knowledge of all of us ordinary runners.  It's the virtual equivalent to putting our virtual heads together.  Even though many of us aren't elite athletes, coaches or authors, it doesn't mean that we haven't earned a well deserved PhD in running.   Whether you are starting out, have 50 years of running under your belt or somewhere in between - all of us have lessons learned that make us wiser and better runners.  

Today's theme is .... Tips for 5K's and 10K's.  There is one on almost every corner of the map every weekend.  Drop off a tip (or two or three or more) of how you train, race, prepare, pick 'em, integrate them into your half/marathon training, hydrate, celebrate - if it is related to a 5K or 10K (or any distance in between) share a tip with the Lounge.   

Just post your name and the title/topic of your post in the first spot and the link to your post in the second spot.    

Next Week's Theme is ... 13 words or less:  "You are a runner...."  Finish the thought in 13 words or less.  When did you know you were a runner?  What did it take, in your head, to label yourself or tell others that you were a runner?  Was it a quick transition or did it take a long time?   If you have hung around in the Lounge for a while, you know my biases about this topic - but I would be interested in hearing your thoughts of what makes someone a runner.

Click here for a list of the great posts with 5K and 10K tips.


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I can't even count how many 5Ks I've run in my short four-year running career.

But, while I don't really prepare for them by doing special anymore, I do know how to help newbies get started!


Like merrymishaps, I've lost track of the number of 5Ks I've run. I still get nervous before the start of each one, though. My tips are basic, but they've worked for me and I hope they work for others!


I ran my first 5K way back in 1984 when I was 10 years old. It's such a great way to start running.


I'm skipping out on this week's topic, but am VERY excited about next week!!! You know it's one of my favorite things to ponder :)

Ben C

OK, I'm hardly on expert on this topic. But I didn't let that stop me from contributing!


Amy, I don;t know if I can do 13 words. hehehehe


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