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Running T-Shirts - Hot Off The Press!

Thank you for your posts on Thursday of why you run.  I was so very inspired from all the I_am_a_runner_1 posts on Take It and Run Thursday of why we run and what makes us a runner.  After reading through them, I felt like I just couldn't let them just sit there.  So I compiled all the text together and sat down at my most favorite web tool - WordleHave you Wordled?   It is a simple on-line application which takes lots of text and turns it into a word cloud. I_am_a_runner_2 It's fabulously addictive!

Here are a glimpse of the the reasons you run and what makes you a runner - in the form of a word cloud.  They are really quite striking. 

So striking in fact, thaI_am_a_runner_3t I just couldn't stop.  Next, I turned to the wonderful list of "Why I Run" from each Lounger's profile.   It is quite a list - over 700 runners reasons of why they run.   I fed that list in the Wordle engine and - waalahh! - more inspirational ways to look at the reasons we run. Why_i_run_8

Since it is Running T-Shirt week in the Lounge, I did the next logical thing - I put some of these Wordle word clouds on T-Shirts in Zazzle.  It's really cool to see "Why I Run" come to life.  I couldn't stop myself after I started!  I added them to cups, cards and even stamps.

A glimpse of the Runners' Lounge gallery is below.  Without you and your reasons, the shirts wouldn't be as cool.  Heck, they wouldn't even exist.

We are looking forward to your running T-shirt sayings, ideas and inspiration on Thursday!


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Laurel aka Lily

Hmmm, I'll have to put on my thinking cap for this! Looks GREAT!!!


Ohhh I like them. I kind of want one haha.


My goodness you are ambitious and creative. :D

VERY COOL. I may have to steal one for my blog.

Ben C

Oh, I am so impulsive! I bought one! If it's comfy, look for it at the Des Moines marathon in October!


that's cool. I think it would be even better if you could get the "cloud" into the shape of a shoe footprint.


Very cool idea!

Database Diva

Oh my goodness Amy! At first I thought that the logo on the lower right said Rum, and I was going to ask where I could buy it!

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