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Good Thing Cave People Love Rain...

I don't know how ... but this cavegirl did get in her 10K on the 10th.    It was sandwiched Img_0167 right in there between the grumpy kids, downright downpour, trip to grandmas, and a bunch of gardening.  And I am really glad it was in there!

Even though the weather was crappy here, at least it wasn't snowing or had snowed.  In fact, this was the first Nancy run without snow on the ground - so it must finally be spring.  But what it lacked in cold flakes it made up for in wet rain.  There was no way to avoid a little sogginess on Saturday.   

Img_0174 I am so glad I headed out because I was reminded that my favorite running weather is about 45-50 degrees of overcast skies a tiny breeze and a bit of drizzle.   There is something quite invigorating about the drizzle - it is like pure energy falling from the sky.

It was a great 10K - nice and easy - no complaints.   I almost wished it was a 10 miler!  Almost....

Ohhhhh, to run!  (ahhhh!)

Thanks Nanc!


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Kent A

I would have taken a little drizzle. It was the downpour and the Des Moines streets or rivers as I found Saturday morning that were a little annoying. The Cap Striders group run did about 3/4ths of the DamtoDam route out and back. and there was no way I missing that run. I had some great company to run with or be paced when running behind, so the miles went by pretty effortlessly. I did have to kick myself for forgetting my Garmin, so I have no official time for the first 6.2 of the 13 miles I ran.

Glad other loungers were out enjoying the weather as well...


I love it, I had an awesome run in the drizzle. I am praying for rain for the half in two weeks. That mother is going to be hot otherwise.

Man there was a lot to get done this weekend... hard to squeeze it all in.


Glad you got the run in, Amy! shhh on the 10 miler the race director will hear you...hahaha!

Andrew is getting fit

I wonder how long it will be till she announces 11 on the 11th!?


YEAAHHH!! Awesome. Glad you liked the conditions, ha ha.

Thanks for running with us. I'm glad it got you out there.

Are we running on Friday??


I would've loved a drizzle compared to the flood I was dealing with. It was either run or build an ark.


The running gods were smiling on me on Saturday - my first 20 miler EVER. The forecast called for rain but it held off so we also enjoyed to cool overcast weather. About 5 minutes after we finished, it started to DOWNPOUR. So I technically didn't run the 10k on the 10th...but I was still running!!


I love your license plate...I might have to talk the hubby into letting me switch mine!

Good job on sticking in out. I find that once I am wet and can't get any wetter things aren't that bad.


Good on you, Amy! Can you think of a time when you wished you hadn't gone for a run? I can't!

I agree: A nice, light drizzle is refreshing.

Great post!

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This is the one we did, isn't it??? It's one of my all time favorite runs.

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