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The Best and Brief about Running

Whew!  There's been some pretty powerful thinking about running going on these days.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their running insights for Take It And Run Thursday.  Capturing running wisdom in a single statement and in 13 words is no small feat—most cryptic text messages are longer than that.

Runners shared several dozen gems of inspiration, common sense, coaching, and even some humor, so naturally we want to share them with you.  Each blogger's explaining comments are equally profound, so you'll want to enjoy reading the context for their insights.

Lou:  Ease your mind and let your body do the hard work for you.

Run At The Mouth:  How you spend your time tells the world just what you value.

Mike:  All a runner needs are a pair of shoes and somewhere to run...

Nat:  Power. Beauty. Strength.  To these I add the following 10: Courage, Determination, discipline, Communion, Solitude, Simplicity, Move, Be, Believe, Rest

Please train smart, rest more often,  listen to your body, and race hard!

Status quo is never enough. Keep pushing yourself to new goals and heights.

Oktree:  Runners are everyday people with a superhuman addiction to training, endorphins and life.

Rob:  Success in running is all about getting out the door

Kaeti: You may never simultaneously love and hate something more than running.

Irish Cream:  Somewhere, someone busier than you is training right now." (or something like that)

Coffee Betsy:  Don't overtrain. Just because you physically can doesn't mean you should. 

Eat Drink Run Woman: 

23-mile run
Hot July air; the result?
Sweat stains on my boobs

Heather:  The hardest part of running is quieting the voice that says “I can’t.

K80K:  Few things in life will feel as long as 26.2 miles in 6:59:50.

Kara:  When the run gets tough, shorten my stride and look above the horizon.

Andi:  The difference between a runner and a jogger is a race entry form.

The Laminator:  The Secret to Running Success: Run Your Own Race and Know Your Limits.

Bryan:  Just get out there. Nobody says that they wish they hadn't run today.

Database Diva:  You can run through your problems, but not away from them.

David H:  Be smart. Listen to your body. It's always right.



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Bill Carter

Hi Tom

There are some absolutely profound things that all these runners came up with in 13 words or less. I found so many of them inspirational and hope the author's don't mind if I use their stuff as I enjoy my next long run.
Great idea and definitely well received by our community of runners.


WOW, thanks ... those are some great words!! I love them all :-)

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