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Take It and Run Thursday: In 13 words or less...

Welcome to Take It and Run Thursday!

It's our way to bring together the knowledge of all of us ordinary runners.  It's the virtual equivalent to putting our virtual heads together.  Even though many of us aren't elite athletes, coaches or authors, it doesn't mean that we haven't earned a well deserved PhD in running.   Whether you are starting out, have 50 years of running under your belt or somewhere in between - all of us have lessons learned that make us wiser and better runners.  

Today's theme is .... In 13 words or less..    

Share your best lesson you have learned about running.  And do it in 13 words or less.  Think of it as 13 word Thursday.   Just like every runner has a story, I know every runner has a lesson learned about running.  Some learned easier than others - but all helpful to share.

Just post your name and the title/topic of your post in the first spot and the link to your post in the second spot.     And then read and enjoy!

Next Week's Theme is ... Backwards Take It and Run Thursday.   Instead of posting wisdom, post a question you have about your running, training, racing, gear, hydration, etc that you need help answering.   Maybe you are looking for suggestions on the perfect hydration belt, a flat/fast fall marathon, a 10k training plan, or how to get rid of an ache/pain or injury - whatever it is, post it and tell others what you need help with.  And of course, next week - you can stop by and help others with their questions.

Click here for a list of great posts on running advice in 13 words or less.


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Kent A

Here was my contribution:
“Status quo is never enough. Keep pushing yourself to new goals and heights.”


First time commenting, but have been reading for some time! Love this.


13 words or less was a fun — but difficult — challenge.

(Next time, why not up the ante and ask for it in iambic pentameter?)


I was just finishing up a haiku for my mom's birthday when I saw this week's theme. PERFECT!


This is the first time I've contributed to Take it and Run Thursday- so much fun!


I enjoy every day in the Lounge and on this blog - but I just have to tell you that today's 13 word pieces of advice is my favorite TIART yet! Thanks for joining in the fun!


I guess it's about time for me to contribute on one of these!

Database Diva

I think this was my favorite TIART topic. I really enjoyed everyone's contribution. I think that 13 words reveal far more about us than 1,300. Thanks to everyone for sharing.


My first contribution.
Good topic. I'm keeping it simple.
"Do something!"

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