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Warning! Cranky mom...coming through

Yesterday, one of my kids said something to this effect:


So I did.   

And afterwards?  My kids seemed a little bit cuter.  My husband seemed to be a better listener.  My dog didn't smell so bad.   My house seemed a little bit cleaner.  My to do list seemed a bit more manageable.  My tummy seemed a little smaller.  The weather didn't annoy me quite so much.  My Diet Coke was a bit more bubbly.   Work seemed almost tolerable.   My son's video games almost made sense.  The inside of my car didn't smell like dirty kid feet.  My unmowed lawn resembled a beautiful native prairie land instead of an untamed jungle.  Little Pony hair/makeup time didn't make me want to scream.   Someone mentioned I wasn't so grouchy.  Life was better.

Yep, life is good - if you run. 

You know the words to this song!   Join in and sing a verse of your own...

Tshirt on cafepress.com


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LMAO! I totally need that.

Bill Carter

Hi Amy

This post had me cracking up... I am sending you all my most positive, happiest, runner supportive vibes from Michigan. Running always cheers me up.


I LOVE IT! Just bought me one, in fact, in blue. I might even wear it as a warning sign. Maybe I will wrap it up and give it to myself for mother's day.


AAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Good for you for getting out there!!


Andrew is getting fit

I agree with that sentiment except I'm a dad!


It's true! After a run I come home all mellow and relaxed. It's like free therapy.

Runnin' Ragged

I could totally identify with that post.

There is nothing better for the family harmony in my house (and my own sanity) then to send Mom (me) out running for an hour or so.


I had that exact same experience last night, Amy. I may need that shirt, too.


I love it!

My three year old sometimes says, "It seems like you might want to have some time to yourself right now, Mom. Maybe I'll go play in the other room." He's also been known to comment on our post-run attitudes with comments like, "I like when you laugh, Dad," and encourages us with, "You sure were fast!" (I think that's my favorite!).

It is so nice to know that we're not alone!


That's awesome I feel the same way after I run!


It's true: Running fixes everything.

(Heh heh)

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