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The Featured ExtraOrdinary Runner Story for April

When we started building Runners' Lounge a year ago, we didn't know everything there is to know about running. But we did hold one strong belief.  It was that every runner has a story.   We knew that it didn't matter if you have just started or have been running for 80 years, each and every runner has something to share that keeps them going or can be passed on to help another runner become stronger, better, or just not quit.  Or better yet, to start running.

We were pretty excited to launch the ExtraOrdinary Runner Awards a few months ago.  We knew it would be a great way to feature some of the great stories out there - just waiting to be told.  And we haven't been disappointed.  The runners that have stopped by and dropped off their stories of success, inspiration and support are great examples. There are more than a few that I have brought a tear to my eye.   And there is now a long mental list that shuffles through my head when I start getting mentally crabby on my long runs - they really keep me going.

For April, our Featured Story of the Month and the winner of a FREE pair of shoes from Onlineshoes.com is Carol's Carol_and_julie (aka CoyoteGirl) story, "Running For Two" in the Why I Run category.  Here is a bit about her story, but you need to read it to do justice to the entire story.  (Picture of Julie (left) and Carol (right).)

Carol (CoyoteGirl) shares her story of running for a friend Annie, who was dying of cancer, when she became unable to run for herself.  And after Annie's passing, she continued her tribute by running a race dedicated to Annie, her friends and family.   At the middle of the race, she knew Annie was with her as she stopped feeling tired and felt "lighter, energized, and refilled".   It is a great story to read and take along as a midrun energy gel for your next run.

And if you need more food for the brain for your next run, take a few moments to check out other great stories in the ExtraOrdinary Runner Award section.   You may have already read the first seven stories we told you about in Febraury.  Here are highlights of a few new ones I know you will enjoy:

From the Beginning Running section, read "Pushing Through" by domobatiq who used running to help her recovery from a surgery.

From the Charity, Communication category, be sure to check out marcigee's story titled, "This is Why I Run Marathons".   She tells about her experience running money for "Fred's Team" to raise Pediatric Cancer Research. 

glpaxton's story, "Fat Running and My New Cause" is a great storAlslighy about his weight loss, taking on a marathon, and now running for juvenille diabetes for his daughter. 

alsligh's story, "The SMALL reason I keep running" will touch your heart.  Her story about her daughters race will put a smile on your face.

runatthemouth's story, "It's what I do" is a great story about coming back to running after a brain hemmorage.

Thank you to all Loungers who have submitted stories!   Take a moment to read them, drop off a comment and piece of encouragement as a form of thanks!   

And keep 'em coming!  I know what you will do for a free Tshirt . :}  Share those stories you are creating - one of them could be worth a free pair of shoes.



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Really touching stories!!
I am glad you guys put this together.


These stories are all so amazing and make me think how on earth did I really get into running, I don't have some crazy life altering thing that made me start... I just did it one day and fell in love..ok over a period of years I fell in love, but these are definitely extra out the door motivation.


Those are such nice, sweet, amazing stories! I feel like such a poser. My stupid story goes like this:
I run because it's faster than walking...but (at least for ME), not MUCH faster!

I hope someday I can enjoy running just for it's own sake and not because it gets me in shape faster after the babies (oh yeah, and that it's FREE)!!!!

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