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Look Back at Highlights of TIART: Training Plans

The guest for Open Mic Friday couldn't join us today, but the feature will return next week.

Yesterday’s Take It and run Thursday was rich with advice on training plans.  Thank you to everyone who participated on the topic and also to those who read and connected with others.

The posts were filled with some great wisdom, including some good commentary on the FIRST program.  I just wanted to point out some highlights in the event you didn’t read them all yet.

  • There’s still more work as a group of blogging runners that we can do to help Laura to write her training plan
  • SLB does a great job of discussing his training mistakes
  • Doug has lived on the edge and he’s building his plans around not overdoing it.
  • Coffee Betsy might have nailed one of the greatest lessons to be learned—that achieving the purpose of the run—recovery, long, speed, etc. is the key to optimizing the training plan.
  • You might stop by and wish luck to Shelah and Steve (a very fast runner) who are counting down to their marathons.

Finally, please know that there are some wonderful bloggers for whom we can't leave a comment without joining your social network.  Everyone is entitled to their choice of blog tools, and some highly interesting and insightful bloggers probably have no idea how much we enjoy your posts and want to leave comments.  We still have the option to join your network some day, but until we do, we get blocked and can't leave our appreciation and encouragement for you.  Just know we read and admire you too.


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Aha ~ thanks for the mention Tom! I liked the "a very fast runner" comment, but it's all relative. I'm as fast as I am - faster than some, but slower than others. My challenge is trying to get faster...

On a slightly different note, I'm looking to add as many quality motivational quotes to my blog as possible. If there any "Loungers" reading this who would like to contribute to my list, please head over to http://www.runbulldogrun.com/ and leave a comment.

Thanks in advance and Happy Miles!



Thanks for not laughing ;-)

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