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A Tribute to Boston Marathoners

Tomorrow is a big day for the running community!  The 112th running of the prestigous Boston_athletic_2 Boston Marathon.   I wish I could say that it is on my list to run someday, but although I am a dreamer, I am a realist as well.   I know I could never meet the qualifying times - just not in my genes (3:45 for my gender/age) - even if the Boston folks recognized my Running Handicap calculator. 

And even though I won't experience it personally, it doesn't dampen my excitement for it as a runner.  I live in awe of runners who are able to qualify, race and compete at Boston.  It is the ordinary runners version of the Super Bowl.  But instead of one champ, thousands will emerge. Its a day that thousands of dreams are made - kinda like Disneyworld for runners.

Outside of TV, internet and newspaper reports, the closest I have been to running Boston was a Monday morning a few years ago when my phone at work rang Monday am as Tom waited at the line in preparation to take off for the race of his dreams.   He took a minute to share his excitement and let me take in the noises around him.  It was really cool!

And this year in the months leading up to Boston, Bill has been kind enough to take me along with him on his training.  This weekend when Art, Nancy and I did our long run, we made sure to run a few good miles for him.   We even did a couple pickup's trying to get to his normal race pace.  We laughed at ourselves because we could only hold it about 100 meters and just when we thought we were flying a little four year old on the trail went sailing by us.   I guess trying to run like Bill isn't as easy as he makes it look.

For all you Boston hopefuls, he is sharing his bib number (#2420) with all of us and allowing us to run along with him.   When the gun goes off on Monday, I guarantee that I will be there in spirit with him as he runs a great race.  As you settle into your Monday, send your best running vibes, energy reserves and well wishes to Boston for the next 24 hours!  Your fellow runners will appreciate it!


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Go Bill Go! One of the other mom's I know is running Boston for the first time. (She qualified in Chicago... though doesn't being to cover it.)

I'll be thinking of them all tomorrow. :)
Great post. Thanks.

William carter

Hi Amy

Thanks so much for this and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kind support. You are a true star in my book!

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