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We Came, We TRI'd, We Rocked!

We did it!  Nancy and I finished the St Jude/Fitness World West Triathlon!

Wait - that is a lie.  We didn't finish.   We kicked some butt, took some names and Dscn2779 crossed the line hollering like kids!   Yeah, that's more like it!   We finished like rock stars!

Nancy is a natural at triathlons (now, don't be shaking your head Nancy!), with just a few swims under her belt in the last few years, and not much biking - she just cruised through each part.  And then she pulled off a 3 mile run in 30:50!  What the heck?!?!   I am pretty sure she has been holding out on us all these months with her running.

Dscn2777 This triathlon was an indoor race of a 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike (which increased 2 resistance every 2 miles - yikes!), and a 3 mile run on a track (33 laps).   This was my first indoor triathlon and I actually liked it.  It was nice to face off before the swim and not have visions of drowning in the lake and swimming through duck poo.   It was also nice not to worry about dumping the bike on a turnaround or the dreaded flat tire.   

My favorite part of the entire race was lap 23 of 33 of the run.   We are skimming along the surface and just heard that we were right at a 10:15 pace per mile - which is quite good for us, especially coming off of a swim and bike.    There was a guy on the track ahead of us and as we passed him, Nancy says to him, "We may not look like we rock.  But we rock."    His response?   "Yes you do."

Nuff said.  You heard the man.  We ROCK!

Thanks Nancy for a great afternoon.   Triathlons beat work every time.  :}


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Woo hoo! So glad to hear you had a great time. And funny you mention about the duck poo. We totally have to deal with that in the lakes around here (although I'm not sure which is worse -- the poo or the milfoil!)


Ypu guys did great! I read nancy's times and did not even blink at the run, and now I have to pick up my jaw! You rocked em' no doubt!! To run those circle laps and not go mental is super! Great job :-)


AHHHHHH, thank you so much for finding this race and doing it with me. I'm sure you felt like you had a tow rope. You are an awesome partner! I thought I was a swimmer but you left me in your wake!!! YOU TOTALLY ROCK, GIRL!! And that pace on the run??!! I still can't believe it.


Kent "Bowulf"

Look at you tri studs! Anyone who can beat their quads up, and then round it out by beating your hamstrings are head and shoulders above us mere mortals... You and your pace certainly do rock! Good job!


Not fair! You two have started the competitive season before regulation date, or opening day...or at least before all the rest of us.

Way to go! You bring out the best in each other!!!


Way to go, Amy and Nancy!

Art Dinkin

I am proud of you both! Great job and I am glad you had a great time.


Great job! That indoor tri sounds like fun!


You most certainly do rock!! Well done!


You do Rock.


You guys most certainly do ROCK!

William carter

Hi Amy

Congrats to both you and Nancy on such a great experience... it sounds like you guys had such a great time! I also have a feeling that Nancy has been holding out on us for a while and that whole "non runner" thing was just to lull you into a false sense of security... and then she darts in for the kill. I've seen it happen.. Anyway, back to my point.. Congratulations and I am not worthy of you tri people.. just running for me thank you very much.

Bob Gentile

Awesome Job Ladies!!! Yes you DO Rock!!

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