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Three cheers For You!

I really love reading stories about how running changed someone's life.  They are inspirational and uplifting.  And believable.  Any runner can see through their own experience how running has changed their own life.   

Running has changed my life.   And then my life touched the running community.   And now the running community has changed my running.   

A year ago when Tom and I started dreaming out loud of a community for runners I was excited but very hesitant.  I LOVE talking about running.  I thoroughly enjoy a conversation with a runner - but as you know - I am not very good at the whole running thing.   A year ago when we would dream about a hosting a running community, I was completely perplexed at what I could contribute.  I am slow, I have no formal running education, I am slow, I have never been a coach, I am slow, I never competed in high school, college or professionally, and did I mention that I was slow?   So what could I give to a bunch of runners - comic relief?

But something very interesting happened over the spring and summer.   I met all of you and began to realize that runners aren't made up of just the strong and fast.  Our community is made up of all shapes, speeds, interests, and ages.   And the more I read and talked with BRF, the more I realized that my type of running IS an acceptable type of running.  There are millions of runners just like me - trying to fit running into an already busy life, who do it for all different reasons, and who take the time to keep other runners going.   I belong with this group!

And with that realization, my attitude of my own running changed forever.   I relaxed my own crazy rules of what a real runner is.  I ran more often just to enjoy.  I slowed down (unbelievable to me to that I could run even slower).  I spent more time talking with other runners to let them know what "real runners" are made of.  I learned to share what I learned along the way - because we all end up in the same traps.  And I learned to appreciate my running accomplishments versus always hoping I could do something more. 

And then as an added bonus, after 12 years of running mostly by myself, I have found many new running partners.   Just when I thought running couldn't get much more enjoyable - I found Art and Nancy (who indulge me most often).   As you know, the miles go by much more quickly with a friend.    And I forever grateful of the borrowed inspiration from Art on Sunday and Nancy's strong stomach after seeing me in a swimsuit on Tuesday.   

I am very fortunate to have a large running community in the likes of all of you and my small town group of my running friends at home.   

Thanks for keeping me going and in the right direction!

We are looking forward to your posts tomorrow on your running clubs, running groups, races, and running communities (virtual or home town) as part of Take It and Run Thursday.


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:D We feel the same about you!! You've been a gem of a find for me and have kept me going many a time. I have no idea what you are talking about on the swimsuit. I was looking at your red nails!!

Art Dinkin

Right back at ya kiddo. You have brought out the runner in me. I never would have thought to attempt a 20K, but I have never been on a better track to be ready. I really enjoyed Sunday's run. I think I may be available Saturday if you (and Nancy, Punky and whoever else) is interested in a long run.


On the whole I am slow. When The Man started running the first thing he did was look for a community. I was a bit more timid -- because, well, I kind of suck at this. I'm slow.

But through your (and Tom's) work, I've found all these beautiful people. (I love runnign stories. I love talking about running. I just love it all.)


What a perfect, perfect post-- especially in reference to why we keep going. When it comes down to it, it's just more often good than not. Be it a good run, good friends, being part of a community, whatever. Having all that is just better than not having it.


Have a great Day as you celebrate your -----BIRTHDAY today. Here's to you and all runners with Happy Feet.!!!!


Thanks Amy, this place is great!!! Thanks for creating it with Tom!!! I love running and being here always reinforces the love i have for the sport!!!!


Amy, you are a runner through and through.

Bob Allen

Glad you and Tom took the plunge to start the Runners Lounge. It's a good source of inspiration and encouragement.

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