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I Luv 'Ya ... You 350 pound hunk of steel

A letter to my treadmill.....

Dear Tank Treadmill,

I know I have been difficult this winter.  I have called you every name in the book.  I have growled, yelled, stomped my feet and used your name in vain.   And for that, I am sorry.   

It's been such a long cold, icy season and we have had to spend more time Dscn2669 together than usual this year.    But it isn't your fault - you were just trying to help me.   I realize that now.   Now that spring is just weeks away - I can see now that you helped me make it through winter.  You saved me.   And more importantly, you saved my running.  This was the longest, darkest, coldest, icest, most unpleasant winter in many years.  Without you, I would have to endure the horror of winter AND give up my running.   But you were there 24 hours a day 7 days a week to give me a little relief.   You helped me log runs that were impossible outside so I didn't lose all of my fall fitness and more importantly my sanity.

At your old age of nine, I know it isn't easy to do what you do.   Many of your buddies have long since retired.  But not you - no sir - you have been a strong soldier.   It probably helps that you are 350 pounds of nonsense steel.   You don't need any of those newer models bells and whistles to prove your point.  Your motor is still stong and you never waiver from your pace.  And I appreciate that.

And with spring around the corner, we may finally have the time to look into the hotwheel that is stuck somewhere in your front end by one of the kids.  I am sure that is frustrating to be permanently stuck on a "1" incline for the last 9 months.  Only you know if it is a real "hill" or only your memory is going.

And because of your loyalty and support, from here on out I promise not to refer to you by the name of "dreadmill" or any terms of profanity or disrespect.     I will call you friend.

And now, until we meet again when the dark rainy season of spring forces me back inside -

Thank You Friend!

Note to the Lounge:  I think I have officially made it through all 5 Stages of Treadmill Running.  I have come to peace with my treadmill.


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Im so laughing here as your post is SO GOOD and MizFit? yesterday she penned an open snarky letter to bob greene :)

just found your site. LOVE!!

off to explore and see if I can find thism orning's running motivation.



Dear Tank - Don't fret, she used to use my name in vain too, especially when I made her run a lot of miles. I'm so glad to hear you two have made up. Maybe if this new attitude sticks, you could give her a brake on the 1% incline? Just a thought. :D

PS I am a big fan of the movie, the mid-run pee and going to the fridge whenever I need a drink so my Treddie and I are pretty tight.


Ha! I love that there's a hotwheel stuck in your treadmill.


Treadmills are not my friend. I hate them and they hurt my knees.:)
Are you sure that spring will sprung???


I think our treadmills would be friends. They could have an "overused and underpaid" support group.

Database Diva

While not as sleek and sexy as the iPod, my treadmill has been a good and faithful companion for more than 2 years and more than 2,000 miles. I don't have any Hot Wheels stuck in mine, but the frame broke over a year ago so my husband nailed the shock absorber to a board that I shove under the treadmill when I run. The treadmill was set at 1% at the time, so now I can't go lower unless I pull the board out. If the day ever comes that I need to start seeing new treadmills, I am totally getting the service contract!


Treadmills can be a lifesaver for the short runs no doubt. I will rememember that cause i have do 12 on one while on a cruise next month :-( Must come back and reread this post than..LOL

Bob Allen

Treadmills are a necessary evil in my book -- it's a love-hate relationship. I have been glad to have access to one at the Y when the weather is just too nasty.

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