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Things I Figured Out The Hard Way

I have a nasty habit of continuing to make the same mistakes with my running many times Truth over instead of learning from my my missteps.   Which, of course, just frustrates me even more which leads to another blunder.  When we started blogging, I made a promise to myself to write down all the stupid things I did so I wouldn't forget them. 

True to my promise, as I have tripped over these laws and fumbled with my running over the last year, I have posted about it so I wouldn't forget the lessons I have learned.  In the process, I realized that instead of working against the natural order of things I need to work with the natural "laws" of running. 

In the spirit of "I wish I knew then, what I know now..." for Take It and Run Thursday, here is a recap of the natural laws I stumbled over in the last year:

7 Truths of Running   

Rules for Beginning Runners

Natural Law:  Overcoming Inertia - The only cure for a long break in running is just getting back out there.

Natural Law:  Manage Your Risks - Manage the "risks" of your running or they will manage you.

Natural Law:  The Same Thing - The same thing that got me into this injury is the same thing that will get me out.

Natural Law:  Your Gotta' Wanna - Your body runs the distance, but your mind wins the race.  You can't forget your 'gotta' wanna'.

Natural Law:  Smart Person, Stupid Runner - Our passion for running can result in stupid decisions from smart people.

Natural Law:  Change - You gotta' change your running to change your results.

Natural Law:  Running Weight - When you start training for an event, you first gain weight before you can take it off.

Natural Law:  Good Runs.  Not So Good Runs. - Good runs provide motivation.  Not so good runs provide learning.

Natural Law:  The First Mile - The first mile is always hard

The Rules to Becoming a Runner - Run Your Run.

In my best estimation, there are another 100 or so out there to be reminded of and write down.  It makes me look forward to another 50-70 years of running. 

Wow...all the things I still have yet to learn (and remember)....


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hahaha is wonderful, i like to write bad things or anything that happen to me in life because when i remember them i will just laugh about is funny.

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