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Thanks Nancy!

9onthe9thlogo787536 Yesterday, I was a bit grumbly and feeling somewhat sorry for myself.  Earlier in the week, I had a great plan to take Friday off, get my 7-9 miles in for the Virtual 9 on the 9th and then still have time to get some errands and neglected house chores crossed off my list.   But instead of that great plan, I found myself Friday morning elbow and knee deep into regular work stuff.  Work that was a wonderful yet required a horrible amount of high level of brain power that droned on for 5 hours.   5 hours of hard work on my day off!  There is nothing worse than that.  So by noon on Friday, I was sad.  I could feel my run slipping through my fingers as each minute on the clock ticked away.  This weekend has no time or opportunity for a run - I was going to be out of luck.

Betsy Feeling discouraged, I took a quick "lunch break" of feeling-sorry-for-meBobggg-food of Pringle crumbs, Doritoes and Diet Coke, I went back and read Bob's interview where he talked about the worst thing about running was missing a run.  "Amen!", I yelled.   Then I read back a bit further to Betsy's post last Friday on making time for yourself.  "Humpf."  I thought - she's so right.

And then I sent Nancy an email asking if she was going to get in her 9 miles.  I mean, she's been sick, just started running again this week, and she is just as busy.   Here was her reply, "I did 9 today.  Very slowly but covered the miles while watching a movie."   A great feeling of awe and inspiration washed over me.   She did 9 miles on a treadmill.   What the hell is my problem!

Nancy I sent her a quick note back telling her how she was my hero, shut down my computer and phone, grabbed my iPod and hit the door.   It did about 8 miles - which is about what I wanted to do.   It wasn't my best run, but by far had been my best decision that week.   The feeling of getting my priorities right.  The joy of getting that run complete in my only open window, and of course, just the ability of being able to run those miles comfortably gave me a happy feeling that carried me through the rest of my day.   

When I got home from the run, I walked around our trails to finish the last mile.   From a time perspective, that was probably my slowest, most drawn out run - but it was so lovely.  Hero_medal

So, Nancy, you may not always bring us the best weather for these races, but I am so glad you give us a reason and inspiration.

Thanks Nancy!  You are my SUPER hero!


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AWww you are such a sweetheart!! How fitting for the race. That is exactly what this thing is about, getting you out there when you might not have been and getting inspired by all the peeps that are out there doing 9 miles, too, and fitting it into their lives. It's amazing that anybody wants to do this just cuz I saw, hey let's do this, but it is SO DANG COOL and I'm glad people are getting inpsired to get out when they wouldn't have. YOU ROCK!! Thank you so much for letting is inspire you and taking the time for yourself to get out there!!!!


Nice job on getting your priorities straight Amy!

Health is more important than anything, in my books. When I get busy I just remember the ad that says "Someone busier than you is running right now!"

Bob Allen

Nancy is a great motivator. Glad you got your run in -- you know as well as anyone that the time is not the most important thing about these virtual races.


Glad you got it done, Amy! Great job :-)
I know Nancy is super, after being sick she jumped on a tradmill and shut it down. I heart Nancy.
Fantastic job, Amy. I know want pringles :-)

William carter

Hi Amy

Congrats! It is the hardest thing to try and find time to run... The demands of family and work alone can be overwelming. But I do know that my head feels a whole bunch clearer after a run. I also know that I become a better person who is more patient and reasonable in dealing with all of life's curve balls.

I've been reading the Runner's Lounge just like always, but I didn't have much to help with the half marathon tips.. I have literally never done one.

Best of luck to you and Tom and again, congrats on doing your 9.. at your own pace.

Bob Gentile

I could feel my run slipping through my fingers as each minute on the clock ticked away.
ahhhh so well put Amy, sometimes the day just goes by even with best intentions to run...It's funny sometimes I am like "Ya whatever Bob you just like running at night" lol

Congrats Amy to just Get it Done!!!


Way to go Amy! Much better than I did (now I really wish I had done SOMETHING!) I am glad you found the inspiration somewhere to get out there and do it. love your post as always.

Database Diva

I'm glad you got the run in Amy. Nancy is my hero, too!


Nancy's awesome, isn't she? Of course, you are too for getting in your 9!

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I'm glad you got the run in Amy. Nancy is my hero, too!

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