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Open Mic Friday: An interview with Bob Gentile

Open_mic_friday Thanks to Bob Gentile for taking time out of his week to answer a few questions from the Lounge.  Bob has been a fascinating runner and person to us with his amazing ability to jump into multiple ultra distance races in 2007.   Here are a few of his thoughts on running:

Why do you run?

I mainly run to "Clear my head", my mind RUNS more then I do, so I NEED to run to slow it down a bit or reboot  :-) 

What prompted you to jump into ultramarathons versus a weekend 5K or even a marathon?

Well 15 months ago I made the decision to get in the best shape ever, SO I hired a coach (Lisa Smith-Batchen) to train for a Marathon (a long time goal of mine) well one thing lead to another and I decided to do a 50 miler as my first race, not only that but do it in the Grand Teton Mountains (altitude of 8,000 to 10,000 feet)...8 months of training. The race was insane & sometimes painful yet an AMAZING time from this "Flatlander Floridian". I am going back this year to do the 100 miler (get nervous just typing that) This year I have TWO 100 milers planned...YIKES!! Kettle Moraine100 & GTR 100 also close the year with the JFK50 and Palm Beach Marathon

What's the best part of running?

Three parts I like best ...Start, Middle & the Finish :-)

What's the worst part of running?

THINKING about going for a RUN and then you Don't because something came up...grrrrr that is by far the worst part.

What's the biggest lesson running has taught you?

I guess the overall lesson I learned from running is how quickly you can feel good again and not that sluggish feeling...I been an ON again, OFF again runner for many years...nothing serious maybe 15-20 miles a week and many months of ZERO runs but when I run, I am ON and it only takes 1-2 weeks for my body to get in that groove again.

For the runners thinking about doing an ultra, where should they start?

DON'T DO IT!!! STOP, Turn around and Walk away Quietly...Ok I am so Kidding. You start ABOVE the neck, DECIDE that you really WANT to run Ultra's (anything over 50K) once the decision mentally has been made "Let the Games Begin". There are plenty of places to read Ultra race reports and Ultra training sites to put together your plan, choose a race and get focused. TWO sites to Bookmark and SEEK info is www.ultrunr.com (Ultra Running Resource) www.run100s.com

What is your favorite postrecovery meal?

My rule of thumb is to eat something within 30 minutes after a workout, study show you recover faster if you put something in your body within that time frame. I like rice, veggies & chicken or a Protein shake loaded with fruit & ice.

What is your favorite on the road fuel and drink?

hmmm, I been mixing it up the past 6 months, I guess my fav. is Two Scoops of HEED, One Scoop of CARBO- PRO into a 20 oz water bottle and bring shot blocks or gels on my long runs. 3 hours plus...extra water of course....Quick Tip on Fueling: "EARLY & OFTEN", Don't Fall behind!! You fall behind you are on "YOUR" Behind watching others go bye.

What gear/gadget can't you live without?

I can live without them, but last year I did get ( Nathan HPL #028 ) running vest so I can have pockets in front, which made it easy to grab my fuel (gels, blocks, s-caps) that was convenient, I use it for my longer runs & races.

Thinking back to when you started, what advice would you give a newer runner?

Not hard to think back to far since its been less then 2 years but Gosh that is a tough question. Here is why, like anything in Life, Running is a "process" and we all have different body types, genes & stresses in our lives...

#1 be AWARE of your own limits...Sometimes you have to "SLOW down to Speed up". Don't compare yourself to others, in other words don't push to hard initially or you will be back on the couch eating cheetos and watching repeats - lol

#2 is to PLUG into environments where there are like-mindedness', for example this Runners Lounge Site is an awesome place for you to get information and ask questions...I would also say a running club but I don't belong to one so don't want to say that (but sounds good huh)

#3 is to READ #1 again :-)


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AH, Awesome. We love Bob!!


Terrific interview! Thanks Bob for your honesty about running and advice for a new runner like myself!!!


Great interview!!

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