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Pile on your running music and podcasts

I ran my first marathon many years ago, long before running was supported the way it is now.  We knew very little about training, racing, preparation, recovery, and all the components of endurance road racing.   For example, I wore my high school cotton gym shorts, cotton mesh top (ouch!), and a dress watch with a second hand.  Figuring out splits required a good memory and doing quite a bit of math while on the run.  It was lonely.  I don’t mean the race itself.  I mean the whole running culture.

Podcast_2 Fast forward, and I am thrilled to be part of the growing world of running where we know so much more about everything from tapering to tempo runs.  More important than the advanced technology, gear—and even more important than the abundance of information about running—is the generous spirit in which runners share what we know and have experienced, and offer our support to each other

It’s amazing to be part of a community that knows no boundaries.  Running is shared openly on blogs, web sites, in print, and actually running together and chatting about running.  My belief is that as long as people are running for fitness, for the social experience, and for competitive reasons, runners will continue to rally to share information openly and generously.  And I believe that is what makes runners unique.

Podcasts have opened another entire distribution of running information, and with such a personal, narrative touch. This week's  Take-It-And-Run Thursday is focused on podcasts and music.  I’ve never run a step listening to music, so I can’t be of any help there, but I do enjoy podcasts.  Listening to podcasts is closer to having a running friend who passes along advice, encouragement, lessons learned, and just plain interesting point of views.   A favorite podcast directory of mine for tracking down great running bytes is podcast.net.  We’re looking forward to learning about everyone’s best recommended podcasts for running enthusiasts.

After launching the Extraordinary Running Awards, friends of Runners' Lounge have already submitted stories.  We're excited to announce Brian, Christine, and Tracker have won tickets to see Spirit of the Marathon next week.  Several merchandise awards are still available for the next seven who submit stories for one of the four categories. 

We're excited to read more inspiration and great moments from running.

MP3 player on Flickr by Taniwha


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This would be a great alternative for music, which sometimes distracts or bores me. I love having to pay attention to something else while I run. I'm looking forward to seeing the podcasts recommended.


LOL, Tom at you did the first marathon in cotton shorts, and a dress watch with a second hand. I am going to look into some of those podcasts. Thanks


Tom, dude i am laughing at you wearing a dress watch!!! Sorry, but just picturing it....anyway, good post here, thanks! I'm up to 3 miles now not too fast but comfortable!!!


Never run with music? Wow ~ I find it really helps energize me when I'm down.
Thanks for the podcast net link.
A dress watch - now that was kewl ; )


I am all about the music. But I do love my podcast on long runs. (Big fans of lighter entertaining fair.) I'll name names tomorrow. :)

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I try to add a lot of strong music, rock, reggae, metal and some electronic.

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i agreed with It’s amazing to be allotment of a association that knows no boundaries. Active is aggregate aboveboard on blogs, web sites, in print, and in fact active calm and chatting about running

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My belief is that as long as people are running for fitness, for the social experience, and for competitive reasons, runners will continue to rally to share information openly and generously.

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