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Around the Lounge

One of the driving forces behind the construction of Runners' Lounge the community was the need of ordinary runners to store and find answers to their common running questions.  Not only did we want to bring together some of the great articles and resources we found helpful, but we wanted to give all runners a place to leave a tip or advice of something that has worked for them.

As we kick off this week's Take It and Run Thursday theme of If I Knew Then What I Know Now, I think it is only fitting to give you a quick tour of the Running Know How Section in the Lounge.

This "room" in the Lounge has three parts:

Articles.   Articles are the longer, more formal entries suggested by you and added by us.  Many of the first articles we added were from coaches, elites, or professionals in the sport and provided a more authoritative view on a topic as well as being inf022308_adviceormative.  We are thankful to many authors who gave us permission to post/republish their article.   More recently, we have also added posts from some of our favorite bloggers.  These are posts that are instant classics like Frayed Laces 7 Habits of Highly Effective Runners, Nat's 10 Commandments of Running, or RazzDoodle's 5 Stages of Treadmill Running.

We've only just begun to build.  As you see a great article or post out there, please drop us a note (joinus@runnerslounge.com) and let us know.  If the author agrees to republish it, we will add it to the articles.

Advice.   This section is built, managed and maintained by the Lounge community.  This is the spot that runners of all abilities drop off a tip, tidbit, advice, words of wisdom for other runners.  If you have ever come to that part of your running career where the light bulb goes on and you think - I really need to tell other runners "to do" or "to avoid" this thing - the advice section is where you leave it.  It doesn't need to be long or formal - just jot down a few lines in the "Add Advice".   

If you have ever said, "I wish I knew then what I know now..." - that is your cue to drop off that piece of advice in the Know How section.  There are 5 main categories:  Training, Racing, Staying Healthy, Keeping Motivated, and Gear, Gadgets, and Equipment.  And, don't forget the newest addition - Inspiration and Stories.

As an added bonus, your advice is automatically linked to your profile under "My Know How".  This allows you to remember what you have added and helps other runners like you pick up some quick tips as they connect with you through your profile.

Ask the Lounge.  If you need more immediate help or are looking for input on a very specific topic, start a thread in our forum and ask the Lounge a question.   

We hope you are enjoying the Lounge and welcome any feedback or ideas on how to make it even better.   


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I love Natural Law: Your 'Gotta Wanna". So true; your mind is everything.

Thanks for the great post, Amy. If only we all learned from our mistakes - running and otherwise - the first time. The world would be a much saner place!

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