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Why I Run

I have provided many, many reasons why I run over the last year.   But, last night, I was reminded again of one of my many reasons.

I run ... to eat cookies!Dscn2598

Meet the enemy. 

Meet my sweet savior.

Meet Triple Flavor Big Batch.   

She is one sweet combination of peanut butter, oatmeal, cocoa, and chocolate chip perfection.  It doesn't even matter how many kids "help" me make them - they always turn out perfectly.

Last night, someone in my house said they needed something sweet.  The next thing I know I am standing over a big bowl of something that should be illegial.  I am not sure it is even within FCC regulations to be able to share such an addictive recipe across the airways.   This cookie is strong enough to bring down even the best athlete and reduce them to an uncontrolled cookie addict hiding in a corner sneaking one to many between gulps of whole milk.

I had originally planned a simple 3 or 4 mile run today.   Looks like it will be 5 or 6.

Yes, this is why I run.

For noncookie related reasons why other reasons run, check out:

  • Little Runners' post from end of December who runs because she can as she stays in remission from scleroderma and gets ready to run Disney on January 13th, and
  • Greg D Cruz's post about running to develop inner strength

Run well this weekend and remember all the reasons you run.


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Luckily I am completely immune to homemade cookies. I NEVER EVER have two or four before heading off on a long run. Nope. Not me.


Bob Gentile

AHHHHH they LOOK so YUMMY!!! I gained 5 pounds the past three weeks---Yikes!! Oh well time to get serious now huh...BUT I will still eat some homemade cookies, I said serious not delirious --lol ENJOY those miles and those cookies

Happy New Year!!

Database Diva

The cookies look and sound fabulous. If I cooked or baked, I would probably be heading toward the kitchen right now. Cookies are one of my favorite things, which is why I rarely buy them!


The FCC doesn't control much of the Internet yet...so can you share the recipe? You know, so that we too can identify the enemy.

Bill Carter

Everybody runs for a reason and I totally get the running for food thing. I don't like chocolate, which I know is some sort of freakish genetic mistake, but I do find ways to compensate. I love all kinds of salty foods like potato chips, pita chips, wheat thins, etc. I honestly think I could live on Movie Popcorn.. and than there is the Thai food and Mexican food.. Ok, I've got to go get something to eat!

Thanks Amy...


Cookies oh now, clicking out now..LOL!


Wow! I looked at the recipe for your cookies and they sound positively sinful but oh so tasty! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

If it's any consolation, I, too, couldn't stop eating today.:)



I've been on a cookie kick myself these days. Every couple of weeks, I make sugar cookies.

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