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Around the Lounge

This is a weekly update of what is going on in and around the Lounge.

Say Hello to Some of the New Loungers

I have been taking the time to introduce our new Loungers.   The last list was pretty lengthy - but this one is so long is it impossible.  Over 75 Loungers joined us since our last update before New Years.  Each one of them bring something special to the Lounge - many new runners and many returning 1/2 and full marathoners.  There is quite a variety!

Because we expect (and hope) that the Lounge will keep growing at a good rate, we know that listing new Loungers each update won't be possible.  But we think it is important to let everyone know who is here.   To help everyone in the Lounge find the new Loungers, we:

  • Are adding a search criteria by "date joined" - now you can search by a date someone joined in addition to gender, location, type, age, years running, and blog.   Look for that soon.
  • Have added a forum for new (and veteran) Loungers to introduce themselves in the Runners Lounge Water Cooler.  Stop by and introduce yourself or say hi to others - chat about running.

Lounge Group Chatter

Groups are a great way to keep your running club (whether it is a formal one or a group of friends) connected between runs and planning for your next runs.   A couple of new groups for this reason have been added by a couple of our new members, including:

Groups are also a way to network and create conversation between runners who are planning on running an upcoming race.

  • Stop by the Walt Disney World Marathon group to say congratulations to our runners who finished the 1/2 marathon, marathon, or Goofy challenge this weekend.   
  • Running the Country Music Marathon?  If you are, join suzanne at Team Nelson as she and her fellow friends and employees join forces to run the race in April.    The President of her company, mhyatt, has challenged 25% of his employees to run with him - and he is moving closer to the goal each day.

Upcoming Way Cool Things

Take It And Run Thursday

Based on your feedback from the "Up for an experiment?" post, looks like we will give it a try.  How exciting!   Here is what you need to do - relax, this won't hurt a bit!  It is quick and easy.

Between now and January 24th, write a post (or go back through your old ones) on the topic...

Basics of Running

Basics of Running can include any tried and true "rules" that you know work for you that help you runner better, injury free, faster, longer ... or whatever you consider a key element of any runners training and racing plan.  It can be 3 sentences, or it can be 2 pages.  It can be a compilation of what you learned the hard way.  Or, it can be a list of the best books, websites, and training plans you have found.   Heck, it can be a little bit of all of that.  There is no right way.  The only wrong way is if you don't participate

On Thursday, January 24th, stop by this blog and post your link to your article. 

I have a tentative title for this little party - Take it and Run Thursday - because I hope you will find it a fun way to drop off some tips and pick up another.   If it works, we will add it as a regular part of our blog.  If not - well - looks like you will be stuck with posts from Tom and I for one more day each week - eeck!

Open Mic Fridays

We have met so many interesting runners over the course of the last year.  While we try to pass on many of them to you through our blog, there are others we just want you to meet "in person".   

So we are opening up the floor on Fridays for any Lounger to talk to our running community.   Share your story, tell us your tips, ask us a question, promote your blog - whatever you would like to talk about....well, as long as it is related to running.  You need to leave the random unrelated thoughts for me.  :}   I have the first few guests lined up - they are fabulous people I have been dying to introduce to you - but we will need more!

If you would like to be a guest author, please drop me a note by email (amy@runnerslounge.com) or leave a comment.   We would love to have you!


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I love this idea Amy, and think you and Tom are doing a great job supporting everyone.
Thanks for this.

Bill Carter

Amy and Tom

I didn't know that today was going to be like Christmas at the Carter house, but it was. I got the mail today and guess what?? There was a package in there for ME from The Runner's Lounge! I will admit that I was so excited that I ripped it open in a way that would have made my 5 year old proud! Thank you guys so much for my shirt and running bracelets... that was such a nice gesture. I want you to know that I will definitely wear my shirt all over town and at marathon expos to see if I can attract some runners to the site. The additions for '08 will improve what was already such a great, comprehensive place for runners to go.

Thanks again and best of luck in early '08!

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