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Open Mic Friday: It's a thin thin line

Hi everyone, I'm Nat. Amy and Tom were kind enough to let me ramble on here for a bit. Open_mic_friday Hope you enjoy.

I was having a good but hard run last Tuesday night. I knew it would be hard. I'd been psyching myself up all day. Not like Monday. Monday was amazing. It was one of those right from the start super easy, run forever kind of runs. I don't get runs like that often. But Tuesday it snowed all day. The sidewalks weren't clear. And I had to watch my step. At a guess, we got about six inches. It was a slow run. I watched my form. I had to think about the steps. It's a hard slog. Only two intervals left, 10 minutes. I can do this. Still the mind wanders from the task at hand from time to time.

I was slow and worn out. But I hate treadmills (a lot) but I love winter. I live in Ottawa, I'd rather a winter like this, than rain for six months. Not much keeps me indoors. Tuesday was on the iffy side. There was a lot of snow and the sidewalks weren't clear. But I'd had a politically difficult day at work (I hate office politics.) I needed the run to wash off the stress of day. The run is where I find the calm and the solitude. But I only had 10 minutes to go, time to think about reverting from runner to mother. Too bad really. I was enjoying the solitude. Maybe I should tack on another mile. But it's marathon training. I will stick to the program. Save my legs for 16 on the weekend.

It's a quiet place the last mile, it's the one where I get emotional. Really doesn't matter how long the run is. I was thinking about this post, and running, and motivation. The warm (dry) house and supper almost being on the table. The Shamrock Marathon I'll be running in March -- and the fear.

Springsteen, Tougher Than the Rest comes on the Shuffle. Possibly one of the best love songs ever. (Seriously go read the lyrics.) I always feel that Springsteen is The Man singing to me. Really it should be our song.

I am amazed at how life has changed for us since we started running. Those 10ks in Off-the-beaten-path New York and in rural Ontario, the ones hosted in small communities, where the after race treats are homemade. The wonderful dinners where the pancakes are bigger than your head, the sandwich shop run by stoners. I love these little road trips. It's the three of us meeting the world. I call it exploring the world in our own backyard. Let's pack up the car and go. And I play with the concept of freedom and the open road in my mind.

My boss turned to me the other day and said "You know you can just go somewhere and not run?" It stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned to her and said "Then what would be the point." I've seen parts of these towns and cities I never would have otherwise. (My race times are always slow because I like to take it all in and then I don't really want it to end.) The amazing stories in the back of the pack, I think I have started collecting them and should write them all down. Where else would I get such an exclusive tour and interesting tour? And why would I want to pass that up...

Thanks Nat!  Next week, get ready for the smooth stylings of Coffee Betsy!  If you would like to share your running advice, favorite running resources, a tip or tool, or just chat about running, drop me a note and we will get you in front of the mic.   


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Amy, I just got your comment about my "I'm not a runner" post. I am so sorry I saw it too late! My blog is open to the public and anyone is welcome to read it. If you wish to use it, that's fine too. Thank you!


Database Diva

I adore "Tougher Than the Rest". I've loved it since the first time I heard it. Springsteen definitely shares the hardworking values I grew up with. My parents grew up during The Great Depression. They married in 1940. My dad served in the army during World War II. The things they valued the most were honesty, hard work, and toughness. They made it very clear that girls needed to be tough, too. When I got out in the world and discovered that not all parents had passed this lesson along. There were surprisingly few tough men, and the ones that weren't could not survive life with a tough woman! Fortunately, Mr Diva was tougher than the rest!

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