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This is a weekly update of what is going on in and around the Lounge.

Say Hello to Some of the New Loungers

I was reminded of the power of the running community while listening to the January 13th (#130) podcast of Pheddipations by Steve Runner.  Steve was covering the benefits of running, taking the first half to talk about the extensive physical and spiritual benefits of running.  And then, after the musical interlude, he hit the biggee.  A major benefit of running is the fact that once you start running, you become part of a large community that is there to support you and see you through your most difficult challenges. 

He went on to challenge each of us to take the message of running to nonrunners and recruit a new runner this year.  I would take his challenge one step farther.  Take the time to make a new runner feel welcome our big running community.  Help them through those bumps and worries of a new runner.  Take a minute to search the profiles and say hi to someone you haven't yet met.

And speaking of the running community, another 70 Loungers joined the Lounge this week!  We are almost 500 strong!   On an interesting side note, the Lounge is now 4 times larger than my hometown that I grew up in.   I think our little Lounge is growing up to be a small city. 

Here are a few Loungers that you may find as interesting as I do:

  • Annette - A Colorado trail runner training for a marathon in July.  Check out her recent post on "why do you run"
  • howtobefit - Rich tells his story of how running helped him come back from a major medical condition.
  • Girlgonemiled - a running mom of who homeschools her four children.  She runs for quiet time.
  • chloepink - A runner who also serves other runners by creating very cool pottery for runners.
  • HenryPretzer - a 47 year old runner from CA getting ready to run his 17th marathon
  • HeleneAugusta - a recent running addict - just overtaken by running in September

Don't Forget

Spirit of the Marathon Showing Thursday

Grab a friend or family member and hit the theatres on Thursday night for Spirit of the Marathon.  It is just the little burst of inspiration you need to make your training schedule seems all worth it.

Take It And Run Thursday

Hey - all you running scientists  (see Up for an experiment?" post) - don't forget to stop by on January 24th and tell us about your post on the...  Basics of Running

Open Mic Fridays

Open Mic Friday is an open format!  Author a post, let me interview you  :} , drop off a monologue, heck - tape yourself singing in the shower.    It's a chance for us to learn more about you!  If you would like to be a guest author, please drop me a note by email (amy@runnerslounge.com) or leave a comment. 


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Still nervous about my post on Thurs. Maybe my run today will spark some creativity :-)
That is cool that the lounge is already bigger than the town you grew up in.

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First come, first served.

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