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NANCY!!!!!! It is really cold out here!!!!

I started out on my Virtual 8 mile race at about 6:45 a.m. this morning.  And somewhere Dscn2346 about 7:03 a.m., there was a moment where I screamed Nancy's name at the top of my frozen lungs.   For only a moment, I may have used her name in vain.   

It was 10 degrees with windchill that made it feel like 3 degrees.   I was determined not to run this thing on the treadmill so I found a part of the trail - a 1 mile section - that had been plowed and went back and forth until I hit 8 miles.   It was a north/south trail, so the the first, third, fifth, and seventh miles where actually ok.  When I was running south, it was doable, but when I turned around to run back into that north Christmas wind - holy crap - that was so cold.   Twice I stopped Dscn2369 to sit in my car to thaw a bit.  I must be becoming a complete whimp in my old age.  I can remember a day like this 10 years ago that I ventured out to do my last 20 miler before the Disney marathon.  20 miles in this same weather.   But today - 8 was more than enough.

On the positive side - it was so nice and chilly that I had the benefit of icing my knees and hips while running.  That keeps the inflammation down for sure!

One really strange thing happened during the run.  Bob, if you are out there - you will love this!   Bob left a note on Nancy's blog that he would be the virtual water boy for the race.  Somewhere around mile 6 when I was running into a serious north headwind and wondered if body parts can really fall off, this guy on his bike pulled up beside me.    Ok, first this is weird because it isn't bike weather, and second because this guy was really happy to be out riding on this 1 mile part of the trail - big smiles.  So we were chatting as I was shuffling into the wind and he gave me a little pep talk.   Reminded me how lucky we were to be out there today.   Asked me if I needed anything.   And then he told me that his name was Bob and he was visiting friends here in Iowa.  And, yes, you guessed it - he lived in Florida.   And then he picked up the pace and was gone. So, how weird is that?  Virtual support in the form an imaginery, yet very real Bob.   

However or why that happened, it kept me moving through 6 and convinced me to take on Dscn2351 mile 7 and 8 - my last repeat on the trail.

I finished the last four miles 3 minutes faster than the first 4 miles.   Overall, 83 minutes for the 8 miles.   Now, with my handicap and increasing it due to the 400 layers of clothes, the headwill, the nearly 0 degree temps and having to repeat the same part of the trail 4 times - I think it brings me down to an amazing 48 minutes.   

When I was done, I was proud of myself.   And I sent a happy thought to Nancy for thinking up this idea.  Without the nudge, I wouldn't have gone out there today and that would have been a shame.  If I can run today, I have no reason to NOT run the rest of the winter.   

I always have a "theme song" for my long runs.  For today, it was "We Got It Going On" by Bon Jovi (with Big & Rich).  The millions of people who didn't have a chance to do this today have no idea what they missed!

Bon Jovi Lyrics
We Got It Going On Lyrics

Virtual 8 runners - We Got It Going On! 

Thanks Nancy!


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pat monahan

we have mirage's here in the desert. Maybe Bob was a person mirage. good job on the run.


Those pictures are awesome. It's like you stepped through the wardrobe and ran in Narnia. Bob didn't have fawn legs and little horns, did he? Good you made it out of there before the White Witch showed up. I think she's on her way into Kansas City tonight.

Bob Allen

Great run, Amy. As much as I enjoy running in cold weather, I think I would have had a hard time getting out the door where you were today.


Great job Amy! You are one tough cookie.


Wow. Great job Amy! Your report made me feel like a bit of a baby down here in Florida! How inspiring!

By the way, why didn't we all decide to go out for breakfast together after the race? I could have used some pancakes today...


Breakfast would have been a great idea. I will admit that I indulged in Diet Coke and chocolately chocolate chip cookies as soon as I thawed out.

Database Diva

Wow Amy, that is some major dedication. You rock, and the pictures are beautiful. I am so impressed that you were able to complete the challenge in those conditions.

Pancakes sound good. Maybe tomorrow. I ran in the afternoon and celebrated with pizza.


Ahh, I can just see you cursing the sky with Nancy's name!

Glad to see you made it in those rough conditions. Just say no to the temptation of the dreadmill!


I miss the snow...some days. Thanks for sharing your run.


Oh AMY - that is a fantastic report. I was imagining that my name was used in vain many times today!! But I think you hit the nail on the head, I would have never done it had I not put it out there. Of course I am not nearly as tough (or possibly crazy) as you for doing it outside. I am just amazed by the Bob story. That is SO COOL! Glad you had the support right when you needed it. And so glad you got out there on a day you wouldn't have. :D :D :D

Love ya,

Bob Gentile

lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ahhhh you know, I try my best... You should see me peddle on and get my ass to AZ to go help Java Mom...geesh for a person that couldn't run this weekend and wanted to help out I think I road 23,402 miles -- haha

Great Run and way to RUN in that BURRRRRR weather, yikes!!

Leora Juster

hey i started reading you guys' blog a little while back...and i still have a few months of catching up to do but you guys always have the big picture in mind, and i love that. I'm sort of just starting to infiltrate this online running community but I like everything running is about and am glad people like you are out there.


Wow!! You're better than me. I don't think I could run in that kinda weather. I would think you'd need a ski mask to keep your face from cracking. Good job on the run and getting out there.


What a great run! I love the image of Bob showing up. I hope I can be part of the next one.

PS - thanks for stopping by my blog!

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