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Looking Back To Some of My Favorite Runs

Dscn1039_2 2007 was a really different running year for me.   This was my first year in my twelve years of running that I ran just for run.   It took a while to adjust to running without a cause - but after a year of it - I realize it was kinda' fun.  It was as my son described - I evolved.  Instead of an ironclad training schedule, I invented dessert runs.  These were sweet little (sorry for the bad pun) runs that were a little something different and a bunch of fun.   

My recipes for dessert runs includedRuns with Buddy (my dog) (if you look close at the pic on the left you will see what Buddy is staring at), Chasing the Sun, Running with my husband, and Running Errands.

Looking back over the year, even without as many races to call out I still had many really great runs.     I have tried to narrow it down to just one - but I couldn't - but here Dscn1188are my top runs.

My number one run was at the end of June was my sunset run. Not only were the sites and pictures phenomonial - but I can still feel the wonderous enjoyment of that run.  It was just the right amount of early summer warm, my legs and lungs felt perfect and the tunes provided the right accompaniment.   

My second most favorite run was one I labeled simply 27 minutes.   After months of dealing with an injury, this run was the one that I finally felt that I could go out there and enjoy a run without hurting myself again.

And my list wouldnDscn1953't be complete without mentioning this year's Living History Farms Run,  the fall run on my trail, or my winter hike/shuffle too.   

And while I didn't run the Des Moines Marathon, our experience there with the Lounge made it forever memorable.   So many great runners with an abundance of stories....wow - what a great year!

I am looking forward to making a new list of favorites for 2008...ok, if it ever, ever stops snowing.  Geesh...what is up with all this winter stuff! 

I would love to hear about your favorites, whether they are training runs, fun runs, or races.   And because it is fun to think about and a bit motivating to relive those moments, I am going to tag a few people to share theirs with all of us.   Nancy (you said you needed an intervention...), Bill, Marcy, Sandy, Doug, Bob and Bob.    There are about 35 other runners I would love to tag, so if you aren't in this list - please feel free to post and start a tag as well.  Share one, share ten...no real rules on this tag.  Just share and pass it along. 


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Great post, Amy. I do need an intervention to get me running, but blogging is helping too. I'm going to RUN and think about what I will write for my favorite runs while I AM RUNNING. In fact, I will not allow myself to do this post, unless I think about it WHILE RUNNING. How's that?

Runner's Lounge Celebration at Gray's Lake Run comes to mind....

You've had a great year! Here's to more running together in 2008.

William carter

What a cool idea... I immediately thought of 3 different runs that I did in '07 that really had an impact on me. The funny thing is that none of them were races.
Thanks for making me think of this and they will be in my next blog.
I do love that picture from your sunset run.. those are always some of the best ones.
The picture of Buddy made me more than a little sentimental as Morgan used to love to chase rabbits... we are definitely getting a puppy in the spring and this one will have to love to run!

pat monahan

it's great when you can remember the great runs of the past. I need to do a similar post. great ideal. who's the gal in the marathon picture? I gotta read her blog. LOL.


I really love the picture of Buddy, you must have been really quick with your camera to get that one!


Sorry Pat - I have lost track of Sonya - I tried to find her again after the marathon, but she didn't respond to my emails. She was a treat!

Yes Doug - it was freaky perfect timing. I look at that pic and can still feel the warmth of the sun that day.


OK... my post is up... Although it's been so long since I have actually RUN it took me a minute to remember what you were talking about... !! ;-)


It feels good to just run for yourself sometimes, without getting caught up in the "must run X miles" or "must speed my pace up". Although I would be lying if I said I still don't work on those things... But recently I have started running more for the pleasure of it and it is paying dividends!

Love the picture of your dog chasing the rabbit!

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