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It's snot time for that already, is it?

There are so many things that are beautiful, and I mean so perfectly beautiful about running.  It's simplicity, the human body in motion (ok, except for my form), the glorious results.  It is a fabulous activity.

But as runners, we also know the sport has a few not so glamorous details that we just don't talk about as much.   You know, it's things like the really delicate parts of our bodies that chafe, rub, and bleed, ugly feet, toes and toenails, and at this time of the year - snot.

This cold weather brings out the worst of my nose during the runs.   There is not enough pocket space in my wonderful blue running jacket to hold the volume of tissues that I need.   So I am in constant conversation with myself on the run of the "right" thing to do.   I spend the rest of my waking non-running hours talking to my kids about how wrong it is to wipe their nose on anything on a tissue - so it bugs me to no end when I run out of "right" options for taking care of snot business.   

So I am curious - what do you do?  Vote today - show me the way.   Being submersed in Iowa Caucus activity - I guess I am just getting that polling fever.   Everyone's voice makes a difference, take time to vote today.


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I have written several posts about winter running wherein I call my gloves "built-in snot wipers." It is gross, but it is true. I was also never a spitter until running, either, so I guess we learn to adapt. :)


i know how you feel about the running nose, i sometimes call it my personal "running" partner. ha. but i carry enough tissues with me on my run and just blow or wipe while running. it requires some coordination, but it works for me. i usually put the tissues in my waist band for my mp3 player and they fit pretty nicely there.


I voted for other ... hold one side of the nose, turn head and blow. Repeat on other side.

William carter

I'll confess to being a "blow on the go" runner. I will also say that I do try and make sure there is no one in the general proximity of where I expect my emissions to land. On a side note... I can also get a little gassy when I run. I try and make sure these "emissions" find there way into empty space as well... I know, I know to much information, but I am always happy to share.


The only way is the farmer's blow, or snot rocket, whatever you want to call it!

And yes, as Bill mentioned, its always good to make sure you don't snot all over somebody (especially yourself). Although, if you get good enough you could always aim and fire at cars who almost hit you!


I use the gloves, I'm too scared to perform the snot rocket technique LOL


I'm with David's technique. Close one side and get a little more umph out of the other. Nothing like feeling and hearing the snap of the stuff as it fires away.


Farmer Blow on the go. The only other acceptable option... (look away now if you don't like reading things that are gross...)


is to suck it back in and hock a loogie.


S'not very nice but the farmer blow works. I believe it's like spitting though men are always better at it for some odd reason:)


You said snot!!
Defintely gloves. If I'm on a long run though. I will walk and properly blow my nose or else I jsut can't breathe and it makes me insane.

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