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Go ahead - Make an Elf of Yourself

For no reason in particular - I really need to share this with you.   I have made a total Elf of myself and my family.  And it cracks me up everytime.  My big sis sent me a version for her family and it was so funny I had to do it my'elf'.  haha

Give it a whirl - you are gonna' laugh!


Gee ... and I wonder why my portion of the blog was rated at the elementary school level....


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I sent this to my boss last year -- she totally cracked up seeing herself dance as an elf.

Have a great Sunday!! I'm off to New York this week for work. Sounds like your running is going well!! Glad you are motivated. I finally got back out there today for 4 -- nearly killed me but at least I was out there!

Take care.


OMG ROFLMAO!! How cute is that!!


Love it, and now I'm going to elf myself!

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This is the one we did, isn't it??? It's one of my all time favorite runs.

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