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Decorating Your Blog For The Holidays

The holiday spirit has washed over me like a tidal wave.  The carols, cold weather and snow was just the push I needed to start decorating for the holidays.  After the house was in its holiday finest, I turned back to my online world and realized it looked a little ordinary.  It too needed a few decorations to make it feel festive.  In my decorating frenzy, I found a bunch of cool widgets for your blog or your profile on Runners' Lounge.  Check them out:

  • Countdown to Christmas - there are more than I could list!  A couple you may want to check out are the many, many options at www.fancygens.com, or a nativity backdrop, the classic look, or the Santa look.
  • Christmas shows - If you still take time to watch one of the classic Christmas shows each year like Snoopy, Frosty, Rudolph, then you really need this widget that displays them and gives you glimpse at your favorite scenes from the shows.
  • Need gift ideas - Then check out widgets with the most popular gifts for 2007 and this handy tool from across the pond.  Not practical to purchase the items, but it does have some cool ideas.
  • Holiday every day - If you like to celebrate a holiday everyday, then you need this widget which tells you a holiday to celebrate everyday.
  • Gift tagging/wish list sites - join www.boxedup.com or www.wishspot.com or through Amazon.com for great and easy ways to tag what you want as you browse the internet and it compiles it for you (and your gift giving friends) to review.
  • And if you want more widgets - check them out on www.widgetbox.com or www.pyzam.com.Holiday_widget_page

I added a few of these widgets to my Runners' Lounge Profile under the My Widgets tab and  then added them to the Running Resource List (under Books, Music, Media) tagged in the widget category so I wouldn't lose them again.

My_wish_page And preparing for the holidays wouldn't be the same without making a wish list.  In My Notebook, I have started my wish list of running stuff.  Some of it I hope to find the way into my husband's hands (sneaky, eh?) and some of it is rewards for myself when I hit some of my running and weight loss goals.   As you work on your Favorites in Your Notebook, let me know what running stuff you are hoping for this holiday season or if you know where to find the things on my wish list.

As you get in the holiday spirit, don't forget to dress up your blog or RL profile.   


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Cool ideas. Man, you have endless energy!!

Bill Carter

Thanks Amy. I would have to agree with Nancy that you have incredible amount of energy to be able to do all the family stuff, work stuff, and make time for your BRFs. What is your secret? Thanks for all of your kind comments you have made on my blog. You are always an inspiration to me to be as kind and considerate of people as you are. Thanks for taking the time to care.

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