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A Few Random Facts About Me

Happy Holiday Weekend! 

I think I have offiicially eaten more holiday food, pie and consumed more festive spirits than a person should be allowed.  I am moving a little slower, just hangin' out with the kids and trying to get in a few runs in the snow, along with the sledding.  Let's hope it is off the trails for my 8 mile run tomorrow.   Today feels like a great time to catch up on some long overdue responses to a couple tags.  In the last few weeks, Ovens2Betsy and Doug tagged with me with 5 random facts.  Here they are:

1.  I cater to kids on this blog.  No need to be more than 7 to read our blog!  Did this little test on our blog's readability level - and guess what...

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You are so welcome!  Consider this blog a little brain candy treat in your daily allowance of otherwise useful information.

2.  I am really an introvert.  The fact I choose Human Resources as a career or start a blog or community of runners is actually contrary to my personality at times.   Don't get me wrong - I really love people, but sometimes I really enjoy just sitting, thinking and dreaming.

3.  I think in grids, boxes and charts.  Drives the people I work with nuts!  If there is a problem to be solved, I tend to think about it a two or three dimensional chart and just start filling in boxes.   And a bonus related fact - my son was born with the same affliction.  At the age of three he asked for a clipboard and started drawing charts and lists to plan his birthday party.

4.  I am still holding out that Santa may be real.   Watching all these Santa and Christmas shows with my kids and I cheering right along side them.  They always ask me if Santa is real and there is a part of me that always says yes...'cause you just don't know.   Man, wouldn't it be great if Santa was real?!?

5.  I love small towns and small town ways.  I grew up in town of 125, my graduating class had 28 kids, I didn't have my first pizza delivered until I was in college and I didn't have cable TV until I was 21.   And all that works for me.

At the risk of breaking a chain - I am not going to officially tag anyone.  I would hate to be the person that added to your already packed "to do" list.   BUUTTTT....if you haven't had a chance to share some random facts about yourself - please do and let us know.   


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Bob Gentile

what no Santa?!!! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

AMY Said:I really love people, but sometimes I really enjoy just sitting, thinking and dreaming.
I am like that too... we can admit it people can be a pain in the butt sometimes and it's SOOO GOOOD to have our alone time once in a while :-)

Have a Happy Turkey Day Weekend!!

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