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Marathon Weekend in our Home Town!

This weekend brings the Des Moines Marathon to town and we wouldn't miss it for the world.Capitol2_edited

For many years our fair city had a marathon which gradually faded into the sunset.  Now it's been resurrected and after just a few years enjoys a great reputation under strong leadership and new sponsorship.  Combined with a half marathon and 5k, the marathon weekend will be host to 5,000+ runners, a great turnout for our size community.

Having a marathon in our hometown is very cool.  There's  excitement building around town, buzz in the media, and everybody seems to know someone running one of the races.  Last year I volunteered and had the privilege of draping medals around the necks of finishers.  That's no job for a volunteer—it's an inspiration!

Loungers we know are running include Kent, David, Nancy, and Teri.  We know there are others, so please join us in shouting them out.

Amy and I are setting up a Runners' Lounge at the Des Moines Marathon Expo on Friday and Saturday.   We're excited to meet old and new running friends.  If you are running or spectatin' at the event and will be at the Expo, please stop by and introduce yourself.  The Lounge will be your place to hang out and talk about your upcoming race and give you a chance to connect with other runners. Drop off some advice, pick up some last minute tips and share a laugh with us.

As a sponsor, we will also be at the post race event.  After you cross the finish line--YEAHHH!--drop by and share your race report.     We will be collecting your advice about running the courses and swapping post race do's and dont's.   

Runners' Lounge  will also be giving away "I AM A RUNNER" bracelets for a suggested $1 donation with proceeds benefiting the charities aligned to the Des Moines Marathon Event:

  • Team in Training
  • American Cancer Society
  • Autism Society of Iowa
  • Team Prevention

To all the runners and spectators involved in the Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, and 5K events—good luck and have fun!

If you would like to join us hosting and meeting others in the Lounge on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, drop us a note.

See you at the race!


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I can attest to a bit of taper madness going on for us marathoners. It's the "I can't believe its weekend!" AND at the same time wishing it would just get to Friday or Sunday morning quickly. I have heard grumblings about the earlier years of marathon in Des Moines, but Chris Burch has put on a great event for the last two years. Long distance running may be a lonely sport at times, but events like these go a long ways to build that runner community. We are blest to have something like this in our own metro area.

Runnin' Ragged

I am not inflicted by taper madness, I have full blown marathonitis! lol

Good luck to all DM runners on Sunday!!! I am sure my thoughts will be drifting your way as I am "devouring" the streets of Columbus! ;)

Remember: “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start!” - John Bingham


I have a little twinge of sadness for not doing the Full, but as Amy says, Half Marathoners Have More Fun. :) Now, let's hope I actually AM a Half Marathoner.

I will definitely see you guys at the Lounge. I think Coffee Betsy is running the Full and is planning to stop by, too.


Good luck with the marathon and Lounge. Keep up the good work. It's so nice to see the "Gospel of Running" continue to spread!! At one time, I feared I would run out of races I would want to run...but that's no longer a concern.

Kent A

Any truth to the nasty rumor, that Fleur Drive and Water Works is under water right now with all the rain?


This year will be my 4th Des Moines marathon, and they just keep getting better every year. See you out there on Sunday...run hard and run long!


Wow, that's so great that you guys are setting up a runners lounge. How fun. I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures.


Nancy's right - I will be there and can't wait to stop by the lounge and say hi.


How fun!! I would love to come to the lounge if I were there.
Looking forward to hearing about it!

PNW Runner

I'm so jealous, I can feel the vibe all the way from here! Have a great time and good luck to all those running in one of the many races!


Have fun - makes me anxious for Richmond... and for those still looking for a Chicago replacement, don't forget about us!


I ran the DM half marathon last year - what a great course. Good luck to this year's runners!!!

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