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At The Peak of Marathon and Half Marathon Season

Strange how after only a few weeks, seems like we’re suddenly at the midway point of the core of “marathon season.”  There are other great marathons other times of the year but these weeks are packed—Twin Cities and Chicago behind us, Columbus, Detroit, Des Moines, and Kansas City this weekend, Marine Corps Marathon in a week, followed by New York City and Richmond then Philadelphia.  Between the first of October and middle of November Marathon Guide lists 125+ marathons. That’s a whole lot a marathonin’ goin' on.

Virgin_records A few of us were standing around the office and the expression came out that there are a lot of runners “losing their marathon and half marathon virginity” during these weeks.  There is nothing quite as memorable and nerve-wracking as our first race, but particularly the half or full marathon. 

Best wishes to all those racing this weekend.  Special vibes going out to BRFs converging on Columbus, including Laurel, PennySuzanne, and Kate.  We will be following your success on Sunday morning. 

Our support is with Sandy who faces a decision today of whether run in Columbus on Sunday.  Nursing some hip and groin pain, Sandy has had her eyes set on Columbus all summer hoping to BQ, and now she faces whether she can run at all. 

Not sure if anybody is more excited or prepared than Bob at Da Big Leap who will be running Kansas City.  His story of how he got to this point is inspiring and he has optimized his training with such dedication.  Go Bob!

I also forgot to mention our friend Betsy earlier this week when I was crowing about the Des Moines Marathon.  We're excited for you Besty.

Before I wrap up this shout out, I want to wish the best to Joe  who has been running, learning, and posting with such passion for months.  Joe is running his first race this weekend in Chicago, and we wish him so much luck and enjoyment! 

Everyone get last-minute rest, safe travels and enjoy the excitement.  We're looking forward to your reports. 

Amy and I can help you proclaim "I AM A RUNNER" with bracelets , but you're on your own announcing that you're no longer a marathon virgin or half marathon virgin!

Good Luck!

Virgin Sign on Flickr by Mycb


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oooh! thanks for the shout out & support!! i know i'll be thinking of all my rbf's too! down to the wire now ... a bundle of nervous, excited energy - looking forward to just getting to that starting line.

will post & comment from the other side! good luck to all running this weekend! there's going to be all sorts of positive vibes floating all over the place ... little bubbles of good wishes everywhere.

Danielle in Iowa

Now do any of these virgins have to be sacrificed before this weekend to make sure that the weather stays fall like for the races?


Yes, I'll be thinking of all those racing this weekend. I, too, will be running on the 28th in Grand Rapids. I will avenge my day in Chicago that ended at mile 17!


I was actually toying with the idea of wearing a shirt that says, "Be gentle. This is my first time."

bill carter

Great post Tom. All these people will never forget their "first". For most of them, that first marathon will be a watershed event in their life, because as we have said so many times before it will change them. At the very least they will feel empowered as only going 26.2 can do.

Maggie Mae

You forgot Philly on Nov. 18th...that will be my first. I'm losing my marathon virginity on the 18th...actually, my husband and I are both losing are marathon virginity at the same time! How often does that happen?


And don't forget about Richmond on Nov. 10 - America's friendliest marathon!!


good luck to everyone! The first is so exciting! :)


Ha. I never thought of it in those terms, but I guess I just lost my half marathon virginity last weekend in Denver.


Good luck to all - see you on the course!


Thanks so much for the kind words and the shout out! I'll be carrying your words of encouragement with me (or maybe they'll be carrying me) as I make my way to 26.2 on Sunday!


Good luck to all this weekend! My turn on the 28th at Marine Corps.

Happy miles!



Good luck to everyone running DSM on Sunday. I lost my half marathon virginity last year at this race and losing my full marathon virginity this sunday. I guess your first time is never your best performance, but definetly the most exciting!


OMG Tom, I'm dying of laughter over that pic. It's the little "subtle" things sometimes.

Good luck to all!!!


Gee... umm... thanks... I think. I'm not sure I would call it "optimization" as much as "trial and terror", with a pain spritzer. Thanks for all the kind words and motivation! Couldn't have done it without you!!!

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