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Why I run - revisited and saved

Last week in my rambling about why I run, I invited you to chime in and tell the Lounge why you do what you do.   Your comments were more powerful than anything I could write in this 'lil ole blog so I gathered them all up in an article and put them in the Lounge in the Keeping Motivated articles for safe keeping for others to read and be inspired. 

I have returned to that post many times a day to reread your thoughts and reasons.   Special thanks to the commentors for their contributions:

The Laminator.  I personally think that when it comes down to it, we run because that's what we are. Running isn't something we do; it isn't a job. It's something that makes up the fabric of what are as individuals and as human beings. We run because it's an expression of our soul. Isn't that why we all say, "I Run Therefore I Am."

nwgdc . I run because we often think pleasure is found in the absence of pain. so we try and avoid pain, and only wind up with more pain! i see it every day in the office! "for when i am weak, then i am strong!"

Vanilla.  I run because I'm a runner. You just can't explain it to someone who doesn't get it. I run because it doesn't just make me stronger, it makes me FEEL stronger.

Database Diva.  I run because the human body wasn't designed to sit for 12-18 hours/day. It was designed to walk and run.

I run because my non-running self is very tense, and can be a danger to my self and others.

I run because it is the best known cure for "mental constipation".

I run because while I am running I feel completely in control of my life.

I run because the sensation of my arms, legs, heart and lungs working together is one of the simplest pleasures of life.

IM Able.  I run because it makes life look that much easier in comparison.

Allison. I run to save myself thousands of dollars in therapy. :) Running IS therapy!!

Nat.  I started running for physical fitness. I keep running for mental fitness.(I love what Diva said about being stressed and dangerous. Like today.)

I run because when I am running there is nothing else but my desire to keep moving.
I run for solitude.
I run because they told me I would never be a runner.
I run because I know I can go farther.
I run to see the world and meet other people like me.
I run so I am not always It when The Boy and I play tag. (But I sometimes let him win when we run down the block together.) And really, there is nothing better than running with a amost-7 year old -- who think it's hysterical that he can beat Mom at something. :)

Nancy.  I run because I want to uncover Runner Body :)
I run so I can use that cool Garmin
I run for the ME time
I run to be able to say that I did and see those looks of horror, "you did HOW much?"
I run because it makes me feel strong
I run because I worked so hard to build up this little base -- I don't want to let it go like I have so many times before.
I run to write my next blog post :)
I run because, for some reason, it brings out some of my better qualities, and I hope they will translate to the rest of my life.
I run because I can

bill carter.  I run because I can't not run. I guess that is it in a nutshell for me.

Amy.   "I run so that I can always see that muscle in my quad that looks so hot when it's in shape."

Amanda.  Until you become a runner, you just don't understand it...but it's addictive and there are so many reason to run, once you start it's hard to remember why you didn't!

Viper.  Right on about the beer. That should be reason enough.


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