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Come Along On My Favorite Fall Run

Fall running.   ahhhhh.....  There is nothing like heading out on a run during one of the six perfect weeks we have here in Iowa to catch a glipse of the leaves of fall or get a lung full of that crisp cool air.  These six weeks make the remaining 46 weeks of the year when it is too hot, too cold, too windy, too dusty, too dark, too rainy/icy/snowy or downright unpleasant just a bit more bearable.

My favorite fall run is the trail that loops around the outside of our property. It is close to home and easy to access.  I indulged a few years ago and had this trail "blazed" as a present to myself and running.  It is the crowing jewel of living out here off a dusty country road.   An extra bonus is that I always have the company of my dog Buddy for every step and I usually have a pacer or two (my kids) for the first or last lap.   

I would love to have each of you join me in a run on this trail, but I know how tight schedules are, so I took my camera along last week and grabbed some photos while I ran along.  While it takes about 10 minutes to complete the loop, I condensed my run in video to about a minute and 30 seconds.  I added my favorite trail tune to the picture show - so if you are at work, hit mute or grab the headphones.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

If you have a favorite fall run, let me know where it is.  I have a wish list of runs that I someday hope to exhaust - but in the meantime, I will keep adding them on.  Check out Database Diva's run in pics.

Happy fall running!


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Wow, that is gorgeous!! I'll have to try it sometime, although grass is tough for me (you have to lift your feet!) Cool way to share it, too.

Thanks for the company last night!! It's great to have a partner to keep me honest. :D


What a gorgeous trail for running. It's beautiful...thanks for sharing. :)

PNW Runner

That's is very gorgeous! Thanks I love the fall too!

Database Diva

Wow, I was so blown away by the video, and not just because of the great photos, but because of the great job you did in putting it together. Aren't you the clever one! I know what you mean about the days that make up for the rest of the year. I feel the same way during our 2 weeks of spring and 2 weeks of summer. OK, some years we get more, but some years we are lucky to get the 2 weeks.

If you are enjoying the photos, be sure to check out JustRuns blog http://JustRunJustLiveJustBe.com. She posted some great photos from a recent run.


I did something very similar recently too. Nice!


Just beautiful!


Thanks Database Diva and Just Run for telling me about the post of pics - very, very beautiful.


What a great idea... simply wonderful. Makes me want to get a cheapo digicam just for that...


oh, i love it! gorgeous ... i need to try trails one day ... that looks dreamy.

Bill Carter


That sure looks like a beautiful place to run. I love running in Northern Michigan and to be honest with you that is exactly what it looks like. It is really easy to lose track of time when you are running in a place like that.

Great video.

pat monahan

arizona trails are just like that. Except for there's not leaves on the ground. No trees next to the trail. No grass. The temps are usually over 90. Anything growing has spikes and hurts when you touch it. And the trail is littered with rocks that will twist an ankle.

but, other than that, arizona trails are just like that.

Amy, you live in a beautiful state.



What a beautiful backdrop for those glorious fall runs! If you're ever in Rochester, NY be sure to run the Erie Canal Path - it, too, is absolutely beautiful and traffic-free.

Happy fall running!


looks like a great run ... my runs along the lake dont change much as the season changes - except for the crowd and the temperature!


Wow, what a beautiful place you have to run! Thanks for sharing it. Loved the music, too!

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