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Advice For Running A Marathon

Just 5 days to go Tom. Are you ready for the big day?

I know the marathon is nothing new to you. You have done the Chicago Marathon 10 times, with another 4 marathons under your belt, including the grand daddy of them all - Boston. But yet I felt like I should give some advice to you. What wisdom could I uncover that you didn't know already?

I was completely stumped until this weekend. I had the pleasure of hanging out with my kids and my 6 nieces and nephews. After about 15 minutes with them I realized that if you need to know the answers to the tough problems, you head to the expert source - kids. Because they know everything - just ask them. So, here is a 1 min 40 second video summary of the best advice I could round up from some future marathoners.  Go ahead, take in their wise words, I'll wait right here....take your time.. soak it in...


Aren't they insightful?!?  Even little Sophie had something to share - just not sure where she was going with the "just go round and round and round...".  But I did learn something very interesting in this experiment. These kids haven't trained for or ran a marathon. They haven't read 50 books on the subject. They haven't spent hours talking with other runners. No, they just gave it a little thought and then went with their gut feel and instincts.  They used their common sense. 

I am going to follow their lead for my advice to you Tom. Go with your gut.  Follow your instincts. Do what your body tells you and ignore the rest. Sometimes trusting yourself is the hardest part of running after investing so much into a race, but I know you will. 

And all you great marathoners who have been running or are ready to run - drop off some advice to Tom here or in the in Know-How section in the Lounge.

Good Luck all the half and full marathoners this weekend! I'm telling you now because I know you will be too preoccupied after Wednesday to listen to anything.  :}

Run your run.  Race your race.  And as the kids said... Have Fun and Good Luck!


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"trust yourself"

perfect advice. thank you.


WISHING YOU THE BEST TOM....now that you have all the expert advice from our grandkids...hope someday they may all experience it also. GO TOM - GOOOOOOO!!!!


Good Luck and enjoy the day.

sarah k.

Hey Amy, thanks for the comment and encouragement! I always need people cheering me on, even if it's only to get out and run a lousy mile. I'm sooooo jealous of anyone who is running any marathon or 1/2 this weekend. If I had known for sure where I would be in October, I would have signed up for Columbus. It would have been such good motivation.

Go for it Tom!

pat monahan

that reminds me of all those interviews Art Linkletter did with kids. Good post.


Yes, trust yourself, trust your instincts and drop something you love at the finish (like your daughter) so you run faster! Cute.

Have a great time and good luck!!


Too cute! Although I think the little one might be onto something with the "round & round"... hmmm...


Cuteness! What a great video. All of that is important stuff ro remember. Kids are so cool in how they just make it as simple as possible. They don't make things all complicated. They just know to get out there and run and don't go too fast in the beginning. Cuteness.


Hahah, I love it! Great video!

Bill Carter

Great post Amy and a very cute video. Best of luck to Tom... my only advice to him would be go out there, have a great time and let the chips fall where they may.

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