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27 minutes

27 minutes.   

That's all it took to wipe away the frustration, nagging doubt, and pain of the last 108,000 minutes.  3 miles.  27 minutes.

I have spent the last 75 days running in pain, trying to heal the pain, and return to running.  If you are injured or been injured you know that time away from "good" running may pass in what others measure in days or weeks but you and your running brain measures in minutes and moments.

When I hit the trail tonight, it was the first time that I didn't do the mental 360 degree scan of my body and inventory the aches, pains and tender points.  It wasn't anywhere in my peripheral vision.  I just ran.

It was a really great run.  Like the runs I have been reading about from many of you.  It was effortless, I felt very strong, and I never was winded even though I know I was running faster than normal.  When I crossed my imaginary finish line, I left behind the soreness in my back, the tightness in my hip and sharp pain in my knee.  They are history! 

27 minutes. 

That's all it took to make everything seem right again.   I lived 4,000 iterations of 27 minutes in the last 75 days.   Some were more frustrating than others either because of my running or because I couldn't run.  None felt as good as this set of 27 minutes.

That's why I love running.  It doesn't take money, endless resources, or a huge investment of time.  Just a few minutes and all is right in the world.

I may regret this in the morning - those injuries that I confidently yelled "screw you" to as I walked off the trail may come back and bite me in the butt.   And if they do, I still get to keep my prize of 27 minutes and it will keep me going until I can have another run just like that one.

Happy running - I hope you find your 27 minutes this week while you are running. 


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That is why running is such a perfect sport. A good run can come from nowhere, and set your attitude straight once again. All the self-doubt and self-criticism can be eliminated by simply doing it correctly. There is no sentient being out there trying to mess with you or work against. It is just you, your body, and nature. Getting into the zone where all three are working together is a recipe for obtaining great times, confidence, and the runner's high.

Here's to giving the one finger salute for all one's injuries and troublesome body part. :-)


Congratulations on your pain free run, Amy!

I've had approximately 52,000 minutes since I last was not worrying about injury on my runs. Tomorrow I see the chiropractor, who can hopefully set things straight for me!

Maybe I will get my 27 minutes tomorrow evening. Maybe it will be another week. Maybe a month. But they're waiting for me. And I will do whatever I have to in order to get there!

Here's to the euphoria that will last much more than 27 minutes!

Bill Carter

Congrats Amy! I am really happy that you could experience a run in such a great way. It is also nice to have the confirmation that despite the injury you have managed to maintain your fitness through crosstraining ( and from what I hear chasing the kids counts as well). But I also know that as runners, we never really get that UMPH from anything else but tying on those shoes and feeling the ground beneath our feet... very happy for you.


"Back in the saddle again"...go ahead and hum it as you go!


Your post sums up why we run.

Perfect. :)


Congrats on running pain free. I look forward to my own 27 minutes as soon as I grow a new hip. Or it heals.


Very awesome! Yay for you and for 27 minutes!!!


oh this is great! so happy for you ... i remember that first pain free run after dealing with an injury. here's to hoping for 27 minutes of running over & over again for you!


Yay for a pain free 27 minutes! You can always just say "screw you" to the pains if they try to come back.

The Laminator

Congrats Amy on your 27 minutes. Great to have you back on the road...


I missed this post. I hope you are still as happy today about those 27 minutes. Hope you are feeling fine and looking forward to another run tomorrow??

Looking forward to seeing you.


Monday morning, the day after, brought only a hint of regret from this run. Little tightness and pain, but nothing noting any new damage or putting me back to square one.

Thanks for your support and comments - when I finished the run, all I could think about was sharing it with you guys - I knew you would get how excited I was.

Kent A

I am glad there weren't any negative lasting effects, only positive ones. I am hoping for my 27 minutes of running joy plus 203 of its buddies join in for Sunday morning. Keep up and on the road to recovery...


Woah, 27 minutes? You're my hero!!! This was very encouraging. Thanks Amy!


Way to go, Amy!


My "27 minutes" was the 59-minute super-slow run I did yesterday. Although I kept telling myself I should wait until I saw my physical therapist today (to get a diagnosis of my hip pain), I just couldn't keep myself away! Well, although I wasn't in intense pain from my run, my PT says I should refrain for at least a couple of weeks. Looks like my 27 minutes will be in the pool for a while!


Oh, thanks for such a great post! Truly a great reminder about how to keep going when things get tough, and how the reward is in the action itself.


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