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Natural Law: The Same Thing

I'm still all smiles!  It's a little crazy that I remain on Cloud 9 three days after finishing almost last at a race.   I was so happy to finish and to be able to run.   Those race endorphins hung on until about 5 hours into meetings on Monday but then the back started to get a little sore.  By Tuesday night, I realized I probably shouldn't run.  And Wednesday?  Back to the chiropractor. 

The good news is that my back is ten times better than a week ago.  But its definitely not 100%.  I realized last night that I am able to run.  I could go for a run.  But that might put me back where I started.   Nope - it's time to grow up and be a little smarter. I need to regroup and decide how I am going to fix my back once and for all. 

I took a deep breath last night and realized that I won't be talking about fabulous long runs or fast times or cool races that much in the next month or so.  But instead I need to starting getting in great stretching sessions, pumping my tiny little dumbbells, doing some easy runs and working on my core.  With that realization, I started to whine and complain and think about how hard this will be for me.  And at that point I realized I had run smack into another Natural Law.    

Natural Law:  The same thing that got me into this injury is the same thing that will get me out.

I don't mean my liberal use of stupidity, pigheadedness, and outright bad decisioDeterminationns.   I mean my healthy dose of determination that helped me complete a bike ride or run when it didn't feel good, or it was hell hot, or I was dead tired.   I need to be disciplined and focused on all these not so sexy things that are good for me.   I will go after my strength and flexibility issues no different than I would preparing for my favorite race.  Negativity, grumping and complaining isn't the ticket.  It may be fun to pout and stomp my feet, but it really isn't going to help solve the problem.

And just like any new training plan for a new distance or event, I will figure it out as I go.  But I am focused.   It's ok to be pigheaded when you use those powers for good.

And good luck to a few other runners out there who aren't running like Laurie, Doug, and Michael (and he has a great/funny reason).

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You've taken the first step. I have no doubt that you will attack this with determination and lick it in the end. (if you need someone to whine to because Tom won't let you, you can email me!)

Good luck, I really hope your back gets better.


I like your approach, whining, pigheadness and all. Sometimes that's what gets back on our feet.


Great post, Amy! It was just what I needed before I jumped on the exercise bike this morning.

I remembered normally Thursday is a tempo run, and I needed to hammer it out on the bike with the same intensity.



I think the cross training is the hardest part of training. You get so involved in planning the runs, how long, how much time, did I do better than last time, can I do this course today, etc. It's hard to say, "No, I need to do something besides running and that will make my running better." I know you'll do well with the change, after all, you're pigheaded right? :)


You are absolutely right. Thanks for putting my head back on straight ;)

bill carter

Ouch. Back troubles are the worst. You absolutely did the right thing by giving it a break. But that doesn't mean that have to be happy about it.

I promise that you will come back from this injury a stronger and more complete athlete because you will have to focus on cross training and flexibility. These kinds of things strengthen your core muscles and make you better able to fend of injuries....and they also help your performance.

I say hang in there and congratulations on having the fortitude to let yourself get better.



Get better!!!! Back problems stink.


Congrats on the race finish (new job has kept me a little slow on the internet). Doesn't matter where you finish, so long as you finish... I felt the same joy at finishing the 50k when I crossed the finish line and knew I could very easily be in last place, and I didn't care!

Great feeling, especially when you couple this with your husband finishing as well. Nice.

Don't forget being pigheadedly patient... Results (recovery) come with time, and patience you will need in abundance. Good luck with your back...


Recovery from an injury is not my biggest challenge; I need to make sure that the necessary time off right after an injury does not completely derail things, and the next thing I know I haven't done ANY exercise for a month. Hopefully faithful cross training will prevent that...


I agree Michael, the time off after an injury can be crucial. I one sprained my hammy and next thing you know i hadnt worked out for 3 weeks.

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I love running in the hot weather as long as I'm hydrated properly and have Sharkies with me. I may have to slow down my pace a little if it is a really long run, other than that keep your fluids up and wear a hat!

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