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Runners' Lounge is Now Open!

It's official!

Runners' Lounge, the online community for all runners is now open!  To say the least, we have goosebumps on our goosebumps.

As we prepared to move the site over to its birthname of www.runnerslounge.com, we couldn't believe that our idea for a small simple profile evolved into something so much more.  There are a lot of really cool things to do in the site, here are a few of our favorite things to try:

  • The profiles are full of information!  Instead of searching lists of random blogs and 092707_profile_page wondering if you should visit, you can learn about the person behind the blog.
  • Build your own Lounge Groups.  Any runner can start a group and invite others or leave it open for other like-minded runners to join.  Lounge Groups have their own space for forums.
  • Search for blogs.  We know how much we love to find/read new blogs, so we built a spot for you to share your blog link/name as well as have it feed your most recent posts.  So now you can be found, read, and admired by others at Runners' Lounge in addition to your blog site.  Your fans will love you for it!
  • Check out the "know-how" section.  You can add advice, rate advice, or take advice—whatever you're in the mood for!  And the part that we think is really cool...all that great advice you give also stores right into your profile.  And the great advice, quotes, video clips, from 092707_resources_2 others you don't want to lose—you can save it to your "Notebook" section of your profile with just a click.    
  • Running Resources is an online running notebook, aka all your favorites meet-wikipedia-meet-advice tool.  Anyone can add/edit resources and add advice/feedback.  We are especially excited about the events section.  Loungers will be able to add any event and provide feedback on any event.  Finally a place where you can get running stories from that events as well as hear about the good/bad parts of the event/course. 

Come on in, hang out a while and enjoy your Runners' Lounge!  We are done building "Phase 1" of the Lounge (we'll be working Phase 2 with your input) and now it needs to get that "lived in" feel.  We would love if you would add your profile, drop off some advice, start a discussion, and maybe even start your own group.    

Also, there's a section called "Pass it Along" that makes it easy for anyone to spread the word about Runners' Lounge.  You can pass it along to your BRF's, local running friends, club leaders—literally to friends across the country and world—to anyone who has a passion for running!   We would be grateful if you could pass it along through your blog posts or mention it while you are chatting in Forums.   

I_am_a_runner_band To show our appreciation, when you mention the Runners' Lounge community in your blog or are one of the first 250 Loungers to join, you will receive an exquisite "I AM A RUNNER" bracelet.  Okay, they are not gold or filled with diamonds, but we have personally filled them with good karma/luck and make wonderful companions during your training runs or races.  (To redeem, send an email to tom@runnerslounge.com or amy@runnerslounge.com with your mailing address.)

And of course, we're looking forward to your feedback.  Let us know what you like and what suggestions you have.  You know you can always find us here, but can also e-mail us directly.

Thank you for helping us build this on-line running community.  It was your blogs, your personalities, and your posts that helped shape Runners' Lounge.

Tom & Amy


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The new site looks great, guys! I was about to start picketing on your blog demanding it soon!

Maggie Mae

Very cool!!! I like it! I signed up and I'm ready to go and meet people....nice job, guys.


Sweet! I'm heading over right now . . .


Thank you for your support! I posted this late last night and headed to bed. When I got up this morning, I ran down the stairs like it was Christmas and was so happy to see so many of you hanging out in the lounge already! You are great BRF's - thank you for your interest and enthusiasm.

Angela Maiers

Congratulations you guys! Your site looks amazing!! What a great resource and source of inspiration for runners! You guys make me proud to call myself a runner. I will see you at the finish line in Des Moines. I would not be there without you! I am signing up today! Angela


Yeah! I am going to check it out now. Very exciting!

Laura Catherine

Dad and Amy,

The site looks fabulous! I feel like the parent here, but I am so proud of you!

Dad, you have no idea (eye deer) how stoked I am for the marathon!



Oh man! This is so exciting! What a great way to spend a Friday at work! Oh, wait. Don't tell my boss. She may get mad at me!


Congrats on the new website! I've only had a chane to glance through it but I will certainly sign up and take a more in depth look!


Excellent! I'm heading over there right now!!

pat monahan

thats pretty cool. I'll join very soon.

Database Diva

Wow, you guys have done an amazing job! It took me two days, but I think I've finally seen all of the great features. Thank you very much for everything you have done to help foster an online community for runners. The blog was already a great meeting place, but the site is even better. How will we ever get any work done? Or running for that matter!


The site is great. I'll be checking it out more very soon. Congrats!

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