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Why We Run

Running can be hard.  Running can make us sweat (literally and figuratively).   Running isn't Runners_crossing for pansies and wimps.   And because of that, we like to talk about why we run.   Running helps us define our character and who we are.   Our reasons for running are individual but when shared can be motivating for others. 

Many of us are coming off of races, long runs, tough workouts this weekend.  Or worse, we are tired and cranky today because we are back at work, school and routine.   To lift your spirits, follow these simple steps:  1) grab your favorite "get-me-through-it" beverage/snack, 2)  pick one or two of these posts that talk about the "why" behind their running and   3)  read, digest, enjoy.   Here is a list of some of the great ones in the last few weeks that have inspired me:

And of course, from Tom and me.

Aren't you glad you are a runner?

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I like having my kids seeing me heading out the door regularly...living a healthy lifestlye, not giving up, working hard at something. I can see in their eyes that it makes an impression on them and so it inspires me to keep going.

Congratulations on the tri finish!


Found you guys through Diana's blog. Just poped by to say hello. Hope she can still get some running in despite the impending happy event.


Not sure why my comment got posted twice. Oops! Not really up to speed with this fangled new electricity stuff. I'm more of a gas sort of girl. I use the term "girl" very loosely.


Thanks for the comment. Love your site!


I just want to say I think your blog is great! You link to so many runners that I may never find online and it's great to read their passionate stories! Thanks!

Kent A

I run because I can do it. For nearly 13 years, I was way too overweight to run. After losing the weight, the fact that I can go out on daily basis and record 5 miles is still flabbergasting me. The old guy in me would never have run 18 miles this past weekend. To me running demonstrates how far I have come, and to some extent how far I have to go. (no BQ in my near future) It is also one thing and time that I can point to that is mine and that I can do for my own benefit.


Nitmos - being a role model is the best thing we can do for our kids - keep running for them.
Martyne, Laurie and Kate - glad you like the blog and links - I am so inspired by other runners that I can't help to share all the great stuff they write.
Kent - I am so with you on doing something that you feel in control and proud of at the same time.

Yeah runners!


I loved it when my 3 yr old ran towards me at the finish chute during my last race, shouting "mommy, mommy, you made it!" Just melts your heart.


Congrats on your Tri!!!!! Way to go :)


Great site guys. Thanks for the links! Keep up the good work.

Pastor Karl

What a great blog! I really enjoyed reading it. Your post on "to pee or not to pee" had me laughing so hard I had to! Keep up the good work!

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