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Time To Get My Game Face On

Thank you for your well wishes!  Yeah!  It's finally time to play!  The Cyman Tri is tomorrow and I am excited to go out and enjoy a great morning swim, bike and run.  I had the world's most complete taper - didn't run a step all week.  The good news is my back is functional again so it was worth it. 

Here's da' plan:

Game_face Swim - Try not to think about that fact that it has been a year since I did an open water swim or any true swimming.  Ignore my little voice that will continue to repeat that I am getting way to old to do this event without training.   Look past the true, fit triathletes that will be swimming over the top of me and kicking me in the face.  Try to ignore my chubby rolls in my spandex - ick. Avoid gazing out to the buoys and thinking - that's really far - that can't be right.  Yep, the swim.  Go out there and fake it and until I make it back to shore.

Transition #1:  Big hill, long run.   It is the cruelest way to get back land legs!  I am darned determined to run all the way to the top.  For pure pride, no other reason.   As usual, I will be singing out names of the race directors who laid out this little cruel appetizer before the bike.

Bike:  Ride like my butt is on fire!  Three laps of "rolling hills".   My goal is to not say "uh-Shorts_on_fire oh" down the big hills and pound on the pedals on the up hills.   I will ride like a mad woman who has just had her cookies stolen.   I am bringing the heat!  Whew - I can feel my heart beating already.

Transition #2:  I am going to push away that tiny little voice that gets off the bike with me and whispers, "Why did you want to do this again?  You do know that you have to RUN a 5K now!?!  You could stop right here.  You can walk.  It is such a gorgeous morning, how about a slow stroll?"  I am going to pile drive that little bugar into the wet muddy grass, grind him with my heal and RUN, yes I said RUN out of transition #2. 

Run:  It's a hilly trail run for the first mile.  There, I said it.  Now, I just need to accept it and move on.  My plan is to get my legs back in the first 1/2 mile, turn up the knob to my Run_fast new level of "fast" and then hold on for dear life.   I am going to run with the speeds I felt the last few weeks.  I am going to try to catch another runner.  I am going to go fast.  Hold on to your loved ones and button down the hatches, I may just explode.

Well, that's my plan. Or not. It is always beautifully laid out the days before the race - let's see how it comes together on race morning.  And remember, fast is a relative term.  My only real plan is to not finish last.  Oh yeah, and get home in time for soccer! 

Photo of swimming boy by Caretta71

Photo of sign by purplespace

Photo of van by drgwhite


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Kent A

Good luck Amy! Bring the heat.


You're so cute!! GOOD LUCK!!! Scratch that . . .you don't need luck . . I'm SURE you'll do fabulous!!! Now go kick some butt!


Go Amy!! Have a great triathalon!!

MOM & Dad

Hey, GO GIRL...You know we are behind you 150%, I will be worrying as usual, keeping you in our thoughts and prayers...won't be running, but trying for a verrry long walk. You'll do just GGRREEEEAAAATTTTTT.

Andria Sandoval

Yay! I'm sure you're going to do great and I can't wait to read about it on Monday! You have great confidence.


Good luck in the Triathlon Sunday!


Good luck in the triathlon, Amy - you will do great!


While you are actually doing one...I will be volunteering at the Accenture Chicago Triathlon. Not quite the same - but all those competing will be in my mind. Lets see if I get "the bug" :)


Good Luck!! I know you'll do great; I can't wait to hear all about it!

pat monahan

good luck, keep the pedal to the metal.

Sensationally Red

Have you ever heard the saying, "Plan plans, but not the results?" Or something like that. Sounds like you've devised your plan for each transition, but stay flexible, too, and strategize for things that come up. Stay in the moment. I bailed out of my planned triathlon this summer. I look forward to hearing about yours. Good luck Amy!


Take care of yourself tonight and be smart :) I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending you good thoughts. It's going to be nice and coool -- enjoy it!!


Best of luck, Amy! Your plan sounds great; have a ball!



Well, its early Sunday morning and very dark and I took one last read of your well wishes before I head out! You really helped me get excited! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me great "your'e going do great" messages. Now - I am off - time to TRI to DO it!


Good luck Amy! I know you are kicking that tri's butt!

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